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Looking for help about ordering :)
12-22-2010, 08:36 AM,
Looking for help about ordering :)
Hi all,
Ive been reading this forum for a few months now and am very impressed with the comradary and help that you guys offer each other. I have a couple of questions about ordering my first piece.

1) on the print order form that is downloadable, there is a base icon with a number of sections on it, 6 sections in total ( crown, temple, front, back etc), what is the simplest hair density to order for all of these sections? being new i dont know what different hair densities to order for differernt parts? ---any advice would be much appreciated

2) what is ventilation? my understanding of it, is...its the direction the individual strands of hair lie, is this correct?

3) how thick should the hair sample be sent in?

4) is freestyle the easiest to use the first time around?

i want to order my unit asap to have it early in the new year Wink

this is the style i would like would ideally have a fringe, something like ashton kutcher,

if anybody has any help or advice i would sincerly appreciate it

kind regards
12-22-2010, 09:02 AM,
RE: Looking for help about ordering :)
Howdy -- you can easily just mark your preferred densities on your template with a marker.Ventilation is indeed the hair-direction, but is irrelevant on a free-style system, as you simply `train`the hair into your preferred style by brushing and general grooming....once you are happy with it, simply apply knot-sealer to the underside of the base and that will `lock`the hair into place--usually after a few days wear and possibly the first wash [and vitally, helps prevent hair shedding from your base ] Freestyle is probably the easiest to work with for a new wearer overall . Hair sample ..about an inch long and the diameter of a pencil. What density you should choose will be determined by your own remaining hair --can you post a pic here so we can see what you have `to work with`? If not, send in a few pics to John with your order and he`ll have a good idea of what you should have . I think it`s a good idea for any potential wearer, or even an existing one thinking of changing their style, to `lift`a few pics from either a magazine or a website, showing the style you`d like to achieve [there are some good ones specifically showing men`s hairstyles] and submit them with your order ----along with pics of your own remaining hair, and John will cast his experienced eye over them and know what to order from the factory ... it can be a bit of a worry and a bit daunting for many who are not too sure of what to specify. Matching the density of the system to your growing hair is important. If you can post a pic or two here, I`m sure you`ll get a few helpful opinions anyway ..regards for now, Paul.
12-22-2010, 09:14 AM,
RE: Looking for help about ordering :)
thanks paul, ive read alot of your posts, they are indeed valuable information, i will work on gettin some pics up, do u think a uniform density would be the easiest to work with at the start for a beginner?

i will do as you a say as regrads sending photos on to john.

also, how long do u attach for? evolve on the late late show attach for 4-5 weeks do u agree with this? i know mr.burns only does it for 5 days at a time
12-22-2010, 10:50 AM,
RE: Looking for help about ordering :)
Hi again tylerdurdan...thanks for that --- 4 or 5 weeks is way too long.. assuming you`re going for a lace base, they`re pretty light-weight and `healthy`in that your scalp can breath and evaporate moisture, also allows you to shower with the system attached thus allowing water at the scalp helping to `water-down` acids from sweat etc, but I honestly wouldn`t leave a bond in place for more than about 10 days... even the strong glues and tapes begin to weaken and can become `messy`thus making the clean-up a bit of a chore..... every person has a different personal `need`..you`ll find your own in a short while....I have a part-poly perimeter on mine .. I just do a very light bond daily with a few little strips of tape on that part and a light line of glue on the front hairline, and I pop it off nightly...I know that`s not practical for everybody, but it depends too if you have an oily scalp or not and other factors..... while lace is lovely to wear etc, it`s nice too to be just able to hop into the shower in the morning and give your head a good cleaning without anything `stuck`to it you know? If you leave glues or tapes stuck to the skin for very prolonged periods, you could get irritations/redness.....your pores need to breath and leave out sweat etc....not a good idea to block them for long stretches. Density---- probably best to vary it slightly ---say a bit higher at the back , maybe 5 - 10 % lower at the sides, and depending on your age, if you`re late teens/early 20s you`ll get away with a `good`density and no recession at the front/temple area, but if 30s or so, build in a little recession on your template and maybe 5 % less density than at the sides..... that`s only a guide really , but to be honest, you`ll not really notice the difference in densities when you first pop the system out of the bag when it arrives ---- it`s pretty subtle really so don`t worry too much over it.... the main thing is to get the blend with your growing hair accurate...... Paul.
12-25-2010, 02:57 AM,
RE: Looking for help about ordering :)
i will just general comment and not get to tech...
#1 send john a pic of you as you never said your age...
be very patient with you new wearing as at first when i seen my first unit over 7 years ago i was like omg whats this a rat.. where do i start.also expect to buy a few till u get the style and the rt density for you. if you are 50 and want alot of density u will look silly. but if in your 20's u can look great..ask questions and good luck.
12-25-2010, 12:05 PM,
RE: Looking for help about ordering :)
thanks for your input bobbyphilly, i sincerly appreciate it Smile im 23 so u kno, do u find ur system as greatly improved the quality of your life? Smile
kind regards
12-25-2010, 12:38 PM,
RE: Looking for help about ordering :)
you are very young i am 48 now 49 soon. i started late at maybe late 30,s . you can have a great start in your hair life if you balding bald do to good prices and great hair units and alot of help aval. here.you get get the styles you can dream of if you have thick sides. ALWAYS ONE MUST THINK IN LIFE IMO..A MAN CAN MAKE THE HAIR. HAIR WILL NOT MAKE THE MAN. it can give you a big confidence to start but the confidence must come from within yourself. we all cry about being bald alot (most) do . but if giving choice bald or bad health i choose blad with no wig..your attidute will help you so much attitude is everything. if toplace sells u a perfect unit and you worry all the time . whats the use in wearing. my first hcm unit was so thick like elvis...you will be fine. hey wish i was 23 y/o

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