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5-Month pics.
12-20-2010, 05:15 AM,
5-Month pics.
Hi guys, Took a few pics yesterday of the system, which was cut/styled-in, early August. Allowing for the way this camera always lets me down regarding pic-quality and making things look `` odd``, it just gives a little idea of how much wear a person can get from a system with a little care and proper treatment. In one there you can see how my own is growing down a bit at the back there and the body-wave of the system hair is more obvious in comparison to my own which is straighter.... I usually use a little gel / conditioner on my own to get a better match... I deliberately didn`t before taking the pics........ am probably going to go for straight hair on my next system and was thinking of going for a different style too---still not decided. The front hair on one pic looks a bit `wiggy`---it`s the camera...it`s fine in reality...... I wouldn`t go outside the door if it wasn`t right..... I honestly never ever catch people giving the hair a second glance and that`s something we are all `tuned in` for as wearers. The top of the head /system looks very thin --it`s that blasted camera for some reason [ I think it`s the amount of natural light coming in the window which enables it to literally focus right almost into the scalp ]........ it looks just fine in reality. Paul.

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12-20-2010, 01:42 PM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
you look great even without styling paul... just one question from a beginner.. what's that red thingy in the top?? is it from the camera??

goodbye great guy!
12-20-2010, 07:01 PM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
Thanks younggun...I`m not sure what you mean about red though..can you be more specific? If you mean looking through the hair in pic 3..that`s just the scalp showing through the hair-- this webcam is more like an x-ray thing than a camera ! It seems to make some of the hair invisible and you`d think the density was only like 20% ....it`s really strange. Paul.
12-20-2010, 09:34 PM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
Paul I really like the style you have gone for and looking at these pics I would like to go for a similar style. Is the system freestyle? In your opinion how different would it look if the system hairs were ventilated forward? Thanks.
Paul I really like the style you have gone for and looking at these pics I would like to go for a similar style. Is the system freestyle? In your opinion how different would it look if the system hairs were ventilated forward? Also what density is that? Thanks.
12-20-2010, 10:15 PM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
Hi person, Yeah it`s freestyle, colour 1b, sfs base with a poly perimeter temple-to-temple around the back, the front obviously being sfs. Density is 55% ..the camera thing makes it look less but it`s not. The beauty of freestyle is you can `train`it into whatever way you want the hair to lie..after a week or so and especially after the first wash, when you`ve brushed it back into your `style`again, apply knot-sealer and you`ll `lock`the hairs into that position... it will hold that style thereafter..... it`s very easy to work with as it allows leeway for you to `tweak`the style to the one you like best... regards, paul.
p.s. ... to get it to kind of stay `fluffed-up`like that and so the wind won`t affect it while out, I spray in leave-in conditioner, at night when I de-bond it, allow to dry in overnight, and simply mist with water in the morning,again, allowing it to dry naturally---it`s magic !
12-21-2010, 06:13 AM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
Paul, how often do you do you maintenance??

Another topic guys: Since I am so mentalised about hair system, I not taking anymore any drug and I am so relaxed now... when I see that I can't handle my hair, I'll do the transition..now I am keeping it short.. and guess what... 1 weeks and half since I left that "sh**" propecia and I had my first erection in the morning in one year of taking that pill.. and my relations now has no comparison with the ones I had when I was on the drug... and all of this thank to hairpieces.. I'm not a wearer yet, but I will be for sure.

Thanks guys, and keep having that beautiful hair paul.
12-21-2010, 06:37 AM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
Well...you will have `beautiful hair`too.....just order from Toplace !!
I have no set rule for when I wash/condition........ since I bought the ``Remysoft`` 3-stage system , I wash, condition etc. with a bit more frequency now, as I feel I`m doing the hair system positive good; as those products are specifically for system hair and have no harmful sulfates....when I only had shop-bought shampoo etc I was wary and cautious, that I was actually shortening the life of the system rather than doing positive things to it.... I still use my Revlon ``Equave 2 -phase conditioner`` ... I just back-brush the hair, and spray that on [ not too heavily] making sure to coat the hair down towards the base.....not much point in just spraying it onto the `outside`of the hair...you need to get it onto the hair shaft....it`s a leave-in conditioner and really excellent it is too. I don`t see any point in washing a system daily or almost daily --you`ll wash the `life`out of it in no time. Certainly in warm weather and if you have been sweating a lot, of course you need to wash the sweat off...the acid in sweat will damage / rot a base...even Poly gets pin holes and tears sooner from exposure to sweat...... if you sweat a lot, and need to wash frequently, take it easy with the amount of shampoo you use.... I usually only do it once in 10 days and sometimes a little longer... I do a de-bond nightly though so that helps too...everyone`s needs/lifestyle will be that bit different though, and also in colder weather, we obviously don`t sweat as much as in Summer. I mist it nightly with water and every 3 or 4 days I spray on the conditioner..... you`ll find your own likes/dislikes and routine...... this game is not as difficult as people imagine..... look at how Antywanty has taken to it like a duck to water in a few weeks !!! Paul.
p.s. I Googled Revlon Equave conditioner, and along with the 2-phase one I mentioned, I see they also do a `Summer protect`` one specifically for exposure to UV radiation, salt[sea] water and chlorine so might be good for you younggun with your surfing etc.
12-21-2010, 09:44 AM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
thanks a LOT paul, that really helped. I'm getting and expert in the theorical stuff... let's see the practice Big Grin
12-21-2010, 05:30 PM,
RE: 5-Month pics.
Looks great as usual, Paul. Can't wait to see you work your magic on a full cap.

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