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Has anyone on this forum..
12-06-2010, 12:40 PM,
Has anyone on this forum..
Gone to a regular hairdresser and ask for a cut-in like if it was your real hair??

Didn't he notice at all it was a hp??

Just curious of how indectectable these things can be.

Kind Regards,
12-06-2010, 08:45 PM,
RE: Has anyone on this forum..
Hi younggun...Wouldn`t be advisable to just turn up and ask for a haircut like that for several reasons. A stylist using a comb could easily snag it in the lace and end up tearing it.It will have been styled to a certain length already, to blend in with your own...a stylist cutting more off it will ruin the already-achieved look. If you need your growing hair trimmed, you could point out that you are wearing -----they`d spot it eventually when working at such close quarters and having their eyes focussed almost entirely on the scalp.... it would be obvious to the eye when the hair is back-combed and dampened too....it would be totally obvious in that situation rather than when you`re just walking around on the street and someone casually glances at you/your head.......salon situations are a lot more `` close-up and personal`` -----a stylist should be able to ``lift`` the system hair up out of the way to allow them to trim the growing hair without too many difficulties. Paul.

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