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Odor Issues
10-24-2010, 03:44 AM,
Odor Issues
Ok I'm going to put myself out there and tell an embarrassing story so be kind. ha ha

Normally I buzz my hair pretty short and I have done so for the last few years. Since I have decided that I want to give hair replacement a try, I have been growing my hair out so I can have it long enough to get a hair sample. I still have quite a bit of hair but it is really nasty and diffusely thin all over the top. As I have been growing it out I have been wearing a lot of hats to cover up my gross hair. Last night I went to a movie with some friends and I noticed as I was sitting there that my hat was smelling pretty oily. I wash my hair everyday and this hat that I was wearing is only a couple of days old. It was enough for me to smell so I am sure if others were paying attention they could probably smell it too. It wasn't a B.O. smell, but an oily(for lack of a better description). It wasn't enough to make me self conscious but when I got home last night I started to worry that this would be a constant problem with a bonded hair piece.

I did some arguments in my mind and this is what I came up with. My hair and my hat are a lot more absorbent than a lace base hair piece will be so they won't soak up that oil like my hat does. Is there any truth to this thinking? I am planning on getting to the point where I can take it off only once a week but I don't care to try for anything longer.

I know that one of the biggest arguments in the hairloss community against hair replacement is that there are a lot of issues with odor. Not just this kind of odor but also with adhesives breaking down and with B.O type of smells. I work in a gym and work out a lot but I can honestly say that I am not a big sweater so I guess that I am lucky there. I would love to hear peoples input on this issue. Is odor a huge problem with wearing a hair system?
10-24-2010, 04:39 AM,
RE: Odor Issues
Hello again Utah23..... very very doubtful if it`s anything like that, especially as you wash your hair/ head daily. You say you don`t sweat a lot... is your scalp oily at all ? Even if it is, it would have to `build up`before you would notice any kind of unpleasant smells. Being as the hat/cap you are wearing is new, I wonder is it something in the manufacturing process or are there any joins anywhere on it that might have some type of adhesive -- possibly that is what you are smelling...... the only time I ever had that issues [many will bear me out here ] is when I wore all -poly systems and the bond was in place for 3 to 4 weeks [ !!! ] When that came off my head------- well, I won`t turn anyone`s stomach with the graphic details !!! Lace is a light fabric so from that point of view --it is absorbent, but my scalp tends to be oily, yet I have no issues with any unpleasantness like you describe, even though I only wash it infrequently [the system that is] but wash the scalp daily. I just can`t imagine oil from your head being the cause ...... I think it`s coming from the cap you`re wearing....obviously I`m only guessing, but just logic alone would rule out any other possibility.....you didn`t have that issue before while your hair was short, and letting it grow a bit obviously will not cause it, and the only `` new `` thing is the head-wear, so my guess is it`s something to do with that. Try wearing some other type /make of cap and see what happens...is quite strange really..... keep us posted. Paul.
10-24-2010, 06:37 AM,
RE: Odor Issues
Thanks for the response Paul. So I am gathering from your post that you remove your hair daily? How long does that take you?
10-24-2010, 07:50 AM,
RE: Odor Issues
Yeah, utah23--I use a few strips of lighter-strength tape on the poly, and while I use a strong glue [which I had a large tub of since my hair -salon days] I only apply a light coat onto the skin at the hairline where the lace front is.... I like to sleep with the thing off my head..just a matter of choice, but I shower every morning and don`t want to be constantly washing the system hair and as I said, my scalp tends to be oily so I like to keep it clean ...my own hair is so whispy and crappy it looks terrible when I get up, so I need to lightly shampoo it to get it looking `normal`again. Everyone`s situation is unique to them --if you`re around many people in a house, it may not be practical to do daily de/re- bonds.... I don`t have that issue. I also think that sleeping on systems constantly, causes more wear on them, leading to a slightly shorter life-span...it`s advised to use Satin or Silk pillow slips to avoid drying out the hair and cotton can also `snag`the hair causing shedding [just a little tip ].
The removal takes me all of 2 minutes, with very fast clean -up as the tape simply peels off the Poly without the need of de -bonder fluids--- I simply peel it off by catching the very corner with a finger nail and `catching`it and peeling it back. The very strong tapes [which I have not used ] may need solvents. I just clean off the glue from the skin with `` Pure`` adhesive remover [available from Debbie ] Some of the citrus removers are EXCELLENT and fast to melt the glue from the skin. My re -bond in the morning takes only a few minutes --the time -consuming bit is getting it positioned correctly before making the bond....it`s got to be fairly well in the right place, or it will look `odd`---you`ll get very adept at this game after a little while, and find your own little likes/ dislikes and ways of adapting to it all. I find the lace separates very easily and [importantly] cleanly by spraying on a little lace-release fluid--it`s amazing how quickly it can break the bond and leaves most of the glue on the skin --not on the lace.... that`s been my experience of it anyway.
Finally, I am in no way claiming to be an ``Expert`` on here .. I offer my views and feedback purely as a fellow -wearer in the hope that it can helps others. My experiences over quite a few years have been many when I was paying mega-bucks to salons, before I found Toplace. I am a modest person by nature, and don`t wish to come across as `` I know it all`` -- I don`t, but the fact that I frequently post, is just because I like to try to dispel some of the crap put out by hair `clubs` to vulnerable people who are desperate for a solution to their distressing problem of hair loss, and hopefully I have done that for at least a few readers. I am sometimes not too sure on certain things like advice on styles as it can be so hard to give definitive answers on what might suit an individual --you`d really need a good pic of the remaining hair and the input of other wearers, before settling on your final choice for your order ..that part of the process is ultimately down to the individual but my 2 GOLDEN tips to anyone about to order their first system, are firstly, don`t go overboard with the density [it will draw instant attention ] , and second,try to re -create what way your own full -head of hair looked when you had it. In time, when you get used to wearing, you might like to maybe do a little `experimenting` with a slightly different style such as centre -part rather than ,say,freestyle -- you know, just for a little `change` for those who have straight/fine hair etc........ this `game`can be daunting, but I`d NEVER go back to having no hair. Baldness suits [ in my view] about 10% of people, but as for the rest of us, it`s just depressing and saps part of who you are as a person.. I`m sure you`ll all know what I mean. Finally, I could recommend the web-cam consult with Debbie --- she really knows her `stuff` and will really advise on THE best style option for anyone who is still unsure.
With best wishes to everyone on the forum..... Paul.
10-24-2010, 09:08 PM,
RE: Odor Issues
went out last night , on my own round the bars in the city.
just to kinda (beta test,lol) another area,in wearing,
firstly i woudnt have gone out prior to wearing, as i popped my head out of the door and it was lashing down,with my old hair there was so little of it pushed forward then quiffed up,it woudnt have held up to that long shower, it would have just flopped.
but i now know how this hair behaves under the influence of water, and its great.
because its naturaly straight with a slight wave,when its wett it returns to its natural state which is great.no bigg change as its styled with wet look gell.and is held stiff in place.
if im caught in light rain i dont worry, its so strong the gelled style.
with my old hair id have my umberella straight up.
more because it would ruin the style,and i might have a bad hair day washing and restyling
a thing i put off for up to 3 weeks, as it plunged me into the depths of depression when i couldnt style my har after washing,
that fears all gone.does it please me, hell does it!!!!, im extatic!!!
i deal now with a known!!,im in control not my genes,i go out and woman tell me my hair looks great.
maybee we should call density/colour/blending the golden rules.
the lace isint perfect at the front,i press it down but its not obvioues,so theres another thing, youre system dosent have to be perfect.
i'v ordered my first supplies from e bay.£20+ just to touch up the front hairline.
megga important. alchol

be approaching the salon in maybee a week or two for a de bond, and watch a take note,and hopefuly do it my self after seeing the process done. roll on the mirror slide lol
regards anty.

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10-25-2010, 12:42 AM,
RE: Odor Issues
Look`n good Anthony. Did you get that e mail address off John yet ? I have checked my e mail accounts [ I have 3 ] but haven`t seen anything from you ... .
The side-blend is looking better there now --- did the salon do a little `tweaking`? Paul.
10-25-2010, 05:54 AM,
RE: Odor Issues
well i requested the widows peak,which i was told was already there, not to me!!!!,
straight across(horizontal hairline) is not what i call by any stretch of the imagination built in reccesion.
so the hairdesser cut , well razored the two temple points a tadd.
the side blend is using gell, and fingers,to get rid of the step,
advice to anyone, new wearers like myself,
speak up when youre hairs being cut in , styled.
if youre not happy about any aspect of it, speak up.vent concerns!
its not like a normal hair cut, it aint gonna grow and fix itself,you might be stuck with a cut youre not happy with.
stuck with a system costing a few hundred for at least four months up to maybee 9 months.
youre the boss, just keep a eagle eye on the cut in.

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