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chemically straightening hair
10-18-2010, 08:29 PM,
RE: chemically straightening hair
what hair would i order to achieve this amount of bend /curl in the hair, not as drastic as that, but toned down alot just to push it forward and be a softer forward quiff

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10-19-2010, 03:25 AM,
RE: chemically straightening hair
Hi Anty -- I`m not so sure you could get away with that style or a toned -down version of it. Just that your own hair grows naturally back and downwards ... the guy in the pic [looks a bit photoshopped to me] has his side hair growing down and if you look very closely, from the temple back, there is a distinct difference in length and the hair is kind of swept upwards --to my eyes anyway, it looks kind of `` odd`` and I reckon it would be hard work to copy it --it`s almost as if the top hair was `dumped`onto his head -- it actually looks somehow artificial to me...... the density looks totally different too. I honestly think that if that is his own hair, he must go through 6 cans of hair spray a week in windy weather. I think you might get away with ordering a similar style to what you now are wearing but specify a spikey front --- that way you could probably get away with a bit of a quiff while the rest could be ventilated backwards and down onto your own growing hair. I think your own hair is dictating that you wear a swept -back style [which is what your stylist actually did ] I guess nothing is impossible really, but you might have to work harder at it to try to pull off a similar style to the pic there --others may have different
perspectives on it....... fire away lads. Paul.
10-23-2010, 06:26 AM,
RE: chemically straightening hair
i think that hair style is achievable... everything is (almost is), however, i agree with paul, it would need hard work and a lot of products. that guy in the picture, you have to consider, is not an everyday hairstyle, but rather, a photoshoot. and with professional photoshoot, you get a makeup artist, hairdresser, and photoshop Smile. What I am trying to say is, that even with real hair, it would be very hard to get that look day in day out without hard work. when i go to a wedding, i spend more time on my hair, use more products as well... so my hair is looking much better, but for everyday, it is too much hassle so i don't usually bother.

as to the original poster (person), I do straighten my hair with tongs... and order a slightly straighter hair system, so that it blends in well together. but it is not so easy to blend... you have to remember, when you buy straight hair, the hairs are straight naturally... yours are artificially straight so it might look a bit dry compared to the 'healthy' hairs of the hair system. in fact, i usually put wax (both on my own and the hairsystems')so that i 'cover' the dryness with a little gloss and blend it better. i dont use much gel, cause the gel obviously makes my artificial straightened hair go curly again. it isn't so bad, but, i am concerned about this... to an extent, i have ordered a larger base that covers more area from the back (almost a full cap less the sides)... less concerns i figure, to be less conscious when someone is standing behind me.

i havent started wearing it yet, but will do so very soon, next week or so... so i will report back with my experience.

hair wearing is really like a game. you make a mistake (hopefully not too big), you learn from it and you will correct it. i consider myself a newbie, having started wearing only this year... and I feel I have made large strides during this short time. i will be happy when i am 100% confident. i am very close.

one question... if you look at the hairline of the picture, you will see some scalp, and it looks white. I am looking into having a perfect hairline... with hairs seemingly coming out of my scalp, the root would be slightly thinner, is that at all possible? Perfect hairline, perfect hairline, I want a perfect hairline... and hair that flows lightly in the wind. :/
10-23-2010, 06:51 AM,
RE: chemically straightening hair
my sister saw me today first time in a few weeks and seid , i dont know what it is but youre hair looks thicker.i seid im using gell, been to a salon new cut,she came down with the three kidds, i went up to sought her broadband.
she seid here gimmie youre hair i'll show you how to style it,
i seid no,in a convincing manner, but the lace would lift if she combed the front hairline back and with gell on.
thats the bloody hardest part youre family.
10-23-2010, 09:04 AM,
RE: chemically straightening hair
mrjoejohn ... the show-through of scalp in that pic could be achieved with certain styles.... could be tricky though. If you wore a spiky front, and you very carefully thinned the hair to create those kind of `islands`of hair like in the pic, it would allow for that type of show -through, but you`d have to be very careful.......a person could just try gelling it into little `islands` of hair first, see what it looked like, and if not happy, a little careful thinning could be done...... personally, I`d rather not risk it on a new system, and would rather achieve the desired look by ordering a little less density generally at the front, than to go `` meddling `` with it. I wonder if anyone has achieved / worn it and could tell us about it ? Paul.
10-23-2010, 09:15 AM,
RE: chemically straightening hair
yepp Paul, I have been considering, perhaps 5% less density on my next order.

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