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The gym!
12-27-2010, 05:32 PM,
RE: The gym!
(12-26-2010, 10:32 AM)younggun Wrote: hey balamouti, can you please post a pic of that 3-layers setup?? good be great of reading.
My hair isn't great looking now, but I've still have hair.. but since I've stopped taking propecia (best decision, didn't know I was THAT fucked UP (sorry about the words) in sex relations.. now my THING is working great again! Big Grin) I know I have 1 year 1 year and a half of hair until my crown start showing... so I need to have all the things settle down by then!, and I don't want to give money to a club... I just want to order from here and have everything.

One question... I'm a person that not only surfs and skate a lot, but likes to travel... and sometimes I stay in my van for weeks, what will I need to have in those travels? I want my van to be my moving hair club... 2 mirrors, tape, glue, 2 - 3 pieces... (one for surfing, other one for party, and the other one for emergencies!! Big Grin), lace remover, ghost bond, and that's it right?? I mean hair shampoo conditioner and all the normal stuff!. I want to buy a cool suitcase => "THE HAIRCASE".

seriously guys, I find this hair wearing stuff kind of funny, I mean if I wasn't balding I wouldn't bother.. but compared to how I was one year ago... all depressive, I'm going to throw my young ages to the trash for looking ugly and bald blabal... I feel way MATURE right now, and since I live by my own and work, study, etc, more and more.

BTW I'm 21.

Hey buddy,
I've been wearing for 4 months or so. I got like 2-3 customs that I alternate every couple weeks.
To release/clean/re-attach it takes 30mins to 1 hour if you are taking your time.
During this time I take a shower, shave etc.
The scariest step is (psychologically) shaving the area crown to front and seeing yourself look like bozo the clown. . .LOL
But it is worth it.
I applied ghost bond perimeter/front, placed the piece on there and voila.
If you are travelling a lot,
bring a couple of good brushes to gently brush hair,
99% alcohol
C22 citrus solvent
2 mirrors
shampoo/conditioner for color treated hair
an exfoliation sponge to scrub your noggin in the shower

Until hair clonning is a reality. . . this is the best option for me.
12-27-2010, 08:33 PM,
RE: The gym!
Well -done balamouti -----another success story and you sound so confident now too. The point you make about shaving your thinning hair off is very valid...it`s one of the biggest `steps` a beginner takes.....after that it`s `onwards and upwards`.... regards, Paul.
12-28-2010, 08:44 AM,
RE: The gym!
yep.. now that I am back from being in a travel with my friends from the younger ages, staying in my van 5 days and surfing the best beaches in here... I've sometimes think that in these cases I would need a very bad hairpiece.. lol.. I mean I have been surfing 3 meters high (the biggest) perfect waves, and the bails against a lot of whitewash has been epic... I mean all the time I was under the water I was like.. omg would a hairpiece be resistant to this wash?? what do you guys think of this?
01-02-2011, 01:45 PM,
RE: The gym!
yes younggun, i have a similar situation to you, i would also like to know if the bond is so strong, sometimes surfing can be a 4hour long session
01-02-2011, 09:14 PM,
RE: The gym!
Hi lads... the strong glues will not let you down, especially in the `early days`of a bond.What tends to weaken glue is a lot of heat and sweat. Most people only glue/tape the perimeters...in cases of a lot of physical activity, you could apply a line across the skull ear-to-ear and from crown to front hairline ...in the form of a cross..just to give grip to the centre of the system and help prevent a `dollop`of water getting in between your system and skin you know ? That will give you more `work`when de-bonding etc. but you have to `adjust`this game to your own particular needs.... I`m sure you`ll have no major issues...probably the opposite actually...probably have to use a crowbar to prise it off !! lol ! Paul.

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