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Tape. Hairpiece. Style
04-18-2010, 07:15 AM,
Tape. Hairpiece. Style

I am planning to order HP for testing purposes before I decide to wear.
I have a couple of questions.

I am going to wear my hair piece 1/2 inch behind my hair line. so considering this in mind.

1. Which tape should I order? Which tape is least messy? I know that generally people say that its trial and error and we should select the best suits our body chemistry. I am going to order 2-3 types of tapes but still I need to narrow the list down. So considering that I am going to have hair piece 1/2 inch behind the hair line. which tape is least messy If I change after every 1 or 2 weeks?

2. Which base should I order which is more reliable. I hear that people here say that sfs base is best for your hairline but its more delicate. So If I m not worried about my hairline then is it still a consensus that sfs is best? (handling, easy to clean, wear etc) or there are other options that experienced wearers can comment on.

3. finally. I wont to order straight hair. Can some body please post pics of straight hair piece, that is 4-5 inch long. 60%-65% density. If there are couple of pics with different angles and styles, then it would be great.

I will just add, few more things Smile. I do exercise every day so its very important that the tape should hold in high temperatures, sweat, and do not need to be replaced for at least 7 days (less mess is a priority). Same is for the base material that it should hold every day exercise and sweat and high temperatures.

thanks in advance Smile.

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