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Questions about shampoos and hair shedding
12-15-2009, 10:09 AM,
Re: Questions about shampoos and hair shedding
How about a conditioner that won't harm/loosen knots?
12-15-2009, 01:57 PM,
Re: Questions about shampoos and hair shedding
hairboy Wrote:How about a conditioner that won't harm/loosen knots?


Conditioners don't generally cause shedding. If you have shedding issues, 95% of the time it is due to using an improper shampoo. If the hairs that are being lost do not have a "V" shape to them, they are probably breaking due to poor moisture retention. If they DO have a "V" to them it is probably a unit that was tied incorrectly. I have only seen one unit that shed many V shaped hairs. Even if you do lose some with a V, it can still be due to the shampoo if the shampoo leaves the hair tangled. Knots can come loose when you remove the tangles.

If your hair doesn't feel like it is being conditioned AS it is being washed, the shampoo you are using is likely stripping away too much precious moisture. This can happen if the shampoo is too high pH (it opens any remaining cuticle and causes the hair to swell) which not only dries the hair but also removes color. It can also happen if the shampoo does not contain the proper conditioning agents. Essentially, your shampoo should have conditioner in it as well. This is not a substitute for conditioning the hair, but it is critical to keep the hair moisturized throughout the entire process.

Another thing that will kill the hair quickly is using hot water. Same principal as high pH levels. It swells the hair shaft allowing moisture and color to escape.

Use cool water, proper maintenance products (that are formulated specifically for hairpieces), and a satin pillowcase, and the hair will go from lasting 3 months to lasting 5,6,7 or more.

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