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How to deal with rashes and dry scalp
12-12-2009, 04:13 AM,
How to deal with rashes and dry scalp

I have a lace piece that I attach using base bond. I have a very dry scalp (and lots of flaking as a result) and sweat a lot and the combination makes my scalp itch really bad within 4-5 days of attachment and when removed I find lots of red spots on the strip where the glue is applied. This is really causing me a lot of grief.

Anyone in the same situation? What products do you guys recommend to keep the scalp moisturized and what type of glue will last for a week withstanding frequent showers? I appreciate any other suggestions
12-13-2009, 05:24 AM,
Re: How to deal with rashes and dry scalp
heres what i may do..whats you base?? STOP USING BASE BOND for a little while and use blue tape to scalp heals.sometimes if you use all tape and get a rash , rare. i use just small strips of tape to hold unit till my scalp heals..wear a baseball cap a few days if you can..i am a tape wearing as no chemicals..blue in front and non residue all around my poly sides
12-13-2009, 10:55 AM,
Re: How to deal with rashes and dry scalp
Hey bob, good to see you on the forum!

I've had the same problem baldy, I've shortened my attach times from 11 days to 6 days, and wore a hat for 24 hour between, seems to have solved my problem.

I'm using only Supertape, give it a try.
12-14-2009, 06:12 AM,
Re: How to deal with rashes and dry scalp

I had the same itchiness, redness, and flakes. I would scratch at night and my scalp would get really raw from it. What's worse is when I scratch, I feel the stickiness of the tape.

What I did (and I posted about this experience about 5 minutes ago), was use Got2Be Glued spiking gel. Read my post entitled "If you hate tapes and glues"... maybe you are a good candidate for this product.

G2BG might not give you a week's hold, but the clean up is ZERO. Just shower and like any other hair gels, it just dissolves away. Because it's so easy to apply and to clean, I've been cleaning my scalp every 3 days. It's wonderful!!!

Hope you read about it, and possible try it.


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