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If you HATE tapes and glues...(photo)
12-14-2009, 06:01 AM,
If you HATE tapes and glues...(photo)
Hi guys, I was doing a few searches on topics in this forum, when I ran across "GOT2BE GlUED" spiking gel. I remember reading about this product (which you could find at Walgreens or places that sell hair products) in this forum before, but I never really paid close attention to what was being said. Okay here is what I found out after using this product for a week. But first answer these questions:

1) Do you have the comb-down hair style?
2) Do you hate cleaning glue or tapes?
3) You can never get the tacky residue completely gone from the lace base (or hair)?
4) Tapes and glues only last a couple of days, so it's not worth the messy clean up?

If you're able to answer "yes" to all of these questions, then you're a great candidate for using Got2be Glued. There were 3 reasons that prevented me from using this product before: (1) I was afraid it wouldn't work for lace (since most of the discussion was about people using this on skin units), (2) I was afraid it wouldn't give a good hold, and (3) I was afraid the front hairline wouldn't look natural.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. The only tape that worked for me (good hold and minimal clean up) was ST-30. Since the manufacturing of ST-30 is on hold, the only tape that worked for me was Super Tape. The hold was great (about a week) but the clean-up was so messy. If you've read this far, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I wished for an adhesive that was super easy in clean-up time.

Got2b Glued is this adhesive.

It really works! The clean-up is zero (just shower!). This is what I do:

1) Apply G2BG to my entire scalp. For tapes and glues, we would just apply to the perimeter, but for G2BG, go ahead and put a layer on the entire scalp.
2) Wait maybe 5 minutes then put on your piece and press down so lace touches the G2BG.
3) When the G2BG dries completely, it'll be on HARD. I tested 3 full days and it was still strong, but I decided to wash my hair on the third day. I think I could have gotten 5 days if I didn't wash. When water was running through it, it was still on my scalp hard, but as soon as I put shampoo on my hair, the G2BG just dissolved into nothingness. No stickiness. No tackiness. No residue.
4) No itchy scalp. Maybe because the lace is right on the scalp, instead of tickling it when only the perimeters are glued down.

1) No clean-up required!
2) Good hold since the G2BG will be on the entire scalp.
3) Smells good. Even after a couple of days, there's no scalp/residue odor.
4) Fast process (applying/cleaning).
5) Cheap product, accessible almost anywhere.

1) Might not give you a week hold (but who cares, since cleaning and putting it on is so fast and easy, it could be done as a daily thing).
2) I'm not sure about using it for lace frontal hairlines (I haven't experimented with this much, since I do a comb-down style). BUT I do know if you want to try it, G2BG will give a good hold. For those who don't show hairline as much, then try this product.

I know I might sound like I'm working as an advertiser for G2BG, but I really am not. I'm just excited to share this with you guys. The process of wearing could often time be discouraging. That's why when something like this comes along, it'll boost up our enthusiasm to wear.

For the past month, tapes and glues were not doing it for me. They weren't keeping my piece secure (I'm talking one-day hold)! I was very worried since I'll be visiting relatives soon. So glad I ran into this and had the guts to experiment. Now I'm excited to go visit.

You guys should really try it. If it doesn't work then you'd only spend $6.99 for a 6-oz tube. If it does work, it would rekindle your excitement.
Let me know how this works for you guys.

12-14-2009, 09:22 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...
Good post Leamon, Im certainly interested in seeing if Got2BGlued will work well on lace. If it would work it would be a pretty good option to use. I know a handful of people on this forum had had success with the freeze spray, however it was used only on skin bases. There is one guy would put up a pretty good video of himself applying a full cap with nothing but Got2BGlued and it seemed to work well for him. I guess it just needs to be tested out more on lace, but I doubt it would work better than tape or glue-- good for a short term attachment maybe.
12-14-2009, 09:48 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...
Hi Drew,

I highly recommend you and others try G2BG, yes even on lace (my piece is a lace, as well)! You're right, it MIGHT not work as well as tapes for some (if you want over a week-long attachment), but it'll save you time in the long run. This is what I mean:

People want long attachments from tapes/glues because they don't want to deal with the clean-up. If you're spending 2 hours cleaning a piece, you don't want to clean more than once a week. If a tape or glue only holds 2 days, but the clean up is 2 hours, then of course it's not worth it and we would seek something that attaches longer. I think time is the main reason why people want long attachments.

But the beauty of G2BG is that clean-up is ZERO. If there is no time spent to clean up, then even if we had to re-attach daily, then to me it's worth it. Did I mention attachments for me is about 10 minutes MAXIMUM? Here's the math: You have a 1-week attachment, so every week you spend, let's say, 1 hour to clean up and 30 minutes to attach. That's 1 hour and 30 minutes. I attach, let's say 3 times a week with G2BG, where cleaning time is 0 mins and attaching time is 10 minutes each (x 3 = 30 minutes). That means every week I save 1 hour, I have less stress, AND my scalp is cleaner.

The only argument left is aesthetics: some might argue "G2BG attachments won't look as good as tapes/glues".

If people say tapes/glues look better, then perhaps they do, but if you're sporting a comb down style, then it won't matter. HOWEVER, I'm sure with practice, exposing front hair line with G2BG is possible. Remember, we have a good TL system to ensure good hairlines. I think glues/tape don't play as big a role as the hair piece itself, does.

12-14-2009, 10:41 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...
Hi Leamon...I'm glad it worked for you. I too have experimented with G2B products but with mixed results. I wear all lace full caps, and I would be thrilled to get a solid 1 day hold with zero lifting if the cleanup were as easy as G2B glue. Unfortunately, I found that using only that 1 product, I would get some lifting, at the front, temples, and nape. So it became necessary to add some stronger adhesive for the edge in those areas, which made the cleanup more difficult and it became pointless to use the G2B at all. So I gave up on G2B and went back to other methods. By the way, I tried both the spray and the cream form of the G2B glue. Which do you like? Also, how large is your piece? I think that affects the success of this product. And do you use all lace or do you have some skin on the piece?
12-14-2009, 11:37 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...
Do a search on "stress Test" with Got2bGlued. I've put it through it's paces for sure.
Had a rash from scratching & I've been wearing it all week with this stuff. Changing out is a 5 minute affair.

Here's a two day old hairline ultra up close:
[Image: hairline-G2bGlued.jpg]
12-14-2009, 11:45 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...

I only use the G2B Glued spiking glue. That's it. My piece is not a full cap, but it's pretty big (it was a stock piece) so the edges on the side and back go over my existing hair. I didn't bother to trim it down. My piece is a lace.

I get a good hold because perhaps I apply G2BG on the entire scalp, not just the perimeter. Also, unlike glues, I put the G2BG on generously. Take about 3 sheets of printing paper, that's about the thickness of G2BG that I apply. The reason is that the lace needs to be pushed so that the G2BG gets in all the groves of the lace. Don't tug or do anything...when it dries it's on HARD.

Right now I'm tugging on the center of my head...nothing is moving. I attached yesterday morning too (it's evening right now). I can guess why edges might be a problem b/c when we use glues and tapes, we like to go thin. Perhaps you should try a little thicker application of G2BG around the edges, and apply beyond the hairline of the edges (you can always wipe it off). Also, if you're really concerned, then maybe style it differently so you don't see too much hairline.

When I do comb down styles, I put on gel/wax/leave-in-conditioner on the top of my piece, then comb it down for a kind of "wet look". That why it doesn't look wiggy and my scalp gets to show. If you comb your hair down, I find showing scalp makes it look realistic. I can post pictures if you like.

Give it another try, maybe it's worth it!

12-14-2009, 11:50 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...
Mr.NewYork Wrote:Do a search on "stress Test" with Got2bGlued. I've put it through it's paces for sure.
Had a rash from scratching & I've been wearing it all week with this stuff. Changing out is a 5 minute affair.

Here's a two day old hairline ultra up close:

Thanks for the picture and testimonial Mr. New York. The discussion on G2BG has been discussed thoroughly by you and others before, but the results are so good that it calls for a revival of the topic Smile . Especially around the holidays, where we'll be visiting family, it's beneficial to find a way to clean up and attach FAST, and look great as well.

12-15-2009, 12:35 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...(photo)
If G2B washes off in the shower, how does it hold up in the rain, pool, sweat, etc?
12-15-2009, 01:51 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...(photo)
This is not an every circumstance attachment medium. Meaning, you can easily go and work out like an animal sweating profusely, with the only downside being that the stuff will run & mix with your sweat, so you'll need a forehead wipe, but it will dry back to a strong attachment.
You can't shower ( on the hair) or swim with it, and I wouldn't suggest going without an umbrella in a rain.
But, if you're not doing the above and want a rock solid attachment that you can put on in 2 minutes & take off in 45 seconds, this is it. With a spritz of water + Wax Works, I've had 3 solid days with zero lift. The trick is to a) put it on a tad thicker & press in a tad earlier than you would glue then b) have no overhang of edges into your real hair, so contact area of the unit is all on your shaved area. Attaching the full area gives such a tight grip that you don't get the tourque points at hairline that you get with just a perimeter attachment, so, no lift.
12-15-2009, 10:51 AM,
Re: If you HATE tapes and glues...(photo)
I just bought the got2b glued product.
Since I'm a mad scientist. . . i have a small piece of SFS with hair 2'' x 2''.
I placed it on my thigh applying a generous layer of the stuff.
I can't believe it's tackiness. I understand how a full scalp bond could actually work with this.
It is sensitive to water though.
To remove excess product in front of the lace just use cloth with water and rub it out and voila . . .nice hairline!

Thanks for the pointers guyz.
This forum rox.

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