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mad scientist experiment
12-20-2009, 04:06 PM,
mad scientist experiment
Being a skeptic, I have a system that I wanted to experiment with.
This is a little crazy so hang on.
I wanted to experiment with a topper and a variety of adhesives. . .for 1) undetectability 2) alergies 3) Strength.
I shaved a part of my upper thigh and preped it with alcohol and scalp protector.
On the left side of the system I attached with Pro-Flex tape. The blue one with the holes in it (the tabs).
On the right side I used walker no shine (from a roll).

Afrer the completed attachment, I sprayed the hair wet and applied blue max sealer for that healthy slilck look and combed the system in a comback fashion.
When I pull on the hair of the hairline the hold is so strong (both kinds of tapes) that my skin is lifting with the hair.

i intend to report how it goes over the next few days.
For now I have to say that the hairline (thigh-line LOL) looks very good so far.
I will give that area 24 hours to let it set well and then hit the shower and expose it to cool water gently.

I did something similar with liquid adhesives a few weeks ago.
Granted I'm not an expert yet. But, I found them to be unforgiving.
The white type glues (2 layers) worked fine but tend to attract dirt like no ones business.
The ultra-hold is super aggressive in it's tackiness. It needs perfection when it comes to applying it on the scalp.
It also attracts dirt over the course of a few days.

Will be keeping you all posted on how this all goes
12-20-2009, 07:57 PM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
Hey mate,

cool experiment, but just to warn you, the skin on your scalp is much more sensitive then that on your thigh, the amount of oil produced is different too.

But its awesome of you to take the time to do such experiements! For Science!

12-21-2009, 03:38 AM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
We get some good tips from customers that try these types of experiments. We appreciate your efforts to try something different. Please let everyone know how it turns out. Go for it!
12-21-2009, 12:58 PM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
im very interested in how this experiment turns out
12-21-2009, 04:14 PM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
I have an update on how it is going with the experiment.
Day 2.
I hit the shower like usual. I provided very little protection to the attachments that were done.
Tonight, I noticed the safe-grip glue on one section has detached. The section with one layer of ultra-hold is perfect.
The tapes (proflex and walker no shine on each side) are both holding great.

I noticed that a great look can be achieved with tape if placed 1/8'' past the lace. It looks flush enough to look realistic upon pretty close inspection.
I've noticed some minor itching occasionally (not necessarily the adhesives). I think it's just the lace coming in contact with skin. Most of the day I have forgotten that I wear (thighs).

The hair...It looks good when wet. When it dries it looks a bit like straw/tangled. I spray a leave in conditioner for hair systems after I shower. No other product like shampoo or conditioner has been used.
Any product suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
In my posession I have:
American crue pomade,
jrobs blue max sealer,

12-22-2009, 01:09 AM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
Quote:I noticed that a great look can be achieved with tape if placed 1/8'' past the lace.

Thanks for the update, Balamouti. Just for clarification and for newbies that are reading this, by the above you mean that the tape is placed 1/8" behind the front of the lace and not 1/8" beyond the lace. Since going 1/8" beyond the front of the lace would would expose the tape and attract dirt, etc.
12-22-2009, 05:37 AM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
Interesting overall. I would just add that in the past I have used Brylcreem and it just didn`t ``agree`` with the hair on a piece -- I found it quite drying ,strangely enough --it was good-looking when put through damp hair, but when it dries, the hair looks very limp and feels very dry -- I found it tricky to wash out completely too --just my observations --others might not agree. I find good results from a product called ``Equave 2 phase `` conditioner by Revlon -- you use it sparingly [it`s a little pricey] and it`s a leave -in product. Will attach a pic for anyone who want to have a look for it -- as you can see, there are 2 different colours of liquid in the bottle --you just shake the bottle to `mix` and then a few very light sprays and comb it through.
Hope that`s of interest /help --regards guys.[attachment=0]

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12-22-2009, 12:41 PM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
Thanks for your suggestions mate.
Here is a new update on the experiment:
So, I showered this morning like usual.
The hair, when wet is hard to manage. I noticed that with some product and letting it just get damp, I can slowly comb it very nice.
I've been wearing jeans, so there is some friction on the experiment while I sit/walk etc.
The walker no shine has finally started lifting.
The 2 bonds that are indestructible in a impressive way are pro-flex (blue with holes tape) and the Ultra hold.
The other bonds have failed.
I got to tell you, the pro-flex on the hairline looks excellent. It is like part of my skin (SFS system) and the transition into the hair is very exposable! This thing is staying put and looking clean. Maybe I should post a pic of the hairline so you see what I'm talking about. Granted it is not as undetectable as liquid adhesive. But, daggon even upon close inspection it is very good.

I went to walgreens (local pharmacy) and bought a couple of high end products that have the word (serum) on them. Typically it is something that ladies purchase. The serum(s) have the consistency of 10W40 lol. A couple of dabs on my finger tips and then spread it all over hair. I even used it on my real hair just to establish a "control group" for the experiment. This serum stuff is awesome. It is see thru liquid that smells brilliant, like olive oil a little bit can do the whole system. After rubbing it in the system I start combing it and it looks/smells silky smooth. I had to soap wash my hands twice to get rid of it. I can already tell it is good for the hair (yours or system hair).
The first product is: Sleek look by Matrix essentials $8 in an orange bottle. The other is hair polisher by fantasia in a blue bottle. I'm caucasian, but I gotta tell you there are some gems (hair products) in the african american section of the store. I bet there are many good products that could work wonders for adding moisture/managebitliy/no tangling etc.
12-23-2009, 08:01 AM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
I extend the tape a tiny fraction of an inch beyond the lace as well. It provides a smoother transition where you would normally have a really blunt edge with the thickness of the lace AND the thickness of the tape meeting in the same area. If they don't meet exactly it provides a more gradual change in height making it less detectable to touch.
12-23-2009, 01:11 PM,
Re: mad scientist experiment
Doesn't that exposed tape attract dirt, etc.?

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