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how long hair lasts?
08-18-2008, 05:28 AM,
how long hair lasts?
well i thought i post a story. a long time ago i meant mike(toplace ) then ba.. i brought alot of hair for a few years . prices were so low(still are) that i could give a rats if i got 3 months or not as i brought so many always kept great suppy same as debbie always buy thriple what i need. i got so ahead i have not brought in almost 1 years. i was biggest offender of how to kill a wig..but now i still have a few left new and many that could be used thanks to ba and mike...guys stock up if you got xtra money ...i did it pays so much i feel like stealing from debbie i not spend any money on supplies in a long time . so wise advice stock up on what you need when yiou got xtra money..its a great feeling when you dont need hair. now because you have xtra..the purelogy lasted like a year . i am on my new second bottles i just opened..they sat 6 months .
08-18-2008, 07:48 AM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
I have a question ... and it sounds like a great idea ...
stock up now ... have a few pelts lying around ... you
can never tell ...

heck ... even just to experiment with ...
nothing like a 60-70 year old dude with a purple
mohawk showing up at his grandkid's graduation
to cause a spike in family activities Smile

But for those whose hairline is steadily going down the
crapper ...and slowly going toward a full cap .....

But what the heck do I know anyway ...

One day ... I had lots of volume on my head ...
And a few months later ... it looked like a wildfire
streaked across the top of my skull ...

Geez .. what was God thinking ...
Just because I said a prayer to St. Francis ..
didn't mean I wanted to look like him ! Smile
08-19-2008, 11:06 AM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
Like Bobby I order usually 3 sometimes 4 at a time. When I cut one in and attach and I still have one left in the box which is when I order 3-4 more.

I am never without a piece and some of the old ones could still be used for a few more weeks with a little care.

Since I use SFS on my I-LACE islands (and all SFS before) I find the base starts to give before anything happens with the hair. I get a SOlID 3 months and I don't baby nuthin'. I use hairspray, all type of gel and product... Only thing is Nanoworks, Nearly Natural and MAYBE ADF once a month.

I think what really works wonders is that I attach on Monday and during the week I apply SPF 50 Coppertone sport at least once as a gel. I never get fade (Sorry Ian) and my hair hardly get brittle (Sorry Doc).

So the hair lasts well. The gels I use are waxy and not "gel like" so I think that is why I hardly get dry hair as the alcohol to oil ratio is low in these types of products.

Plus using that Coppertone spf 50 sport as a gel has been a winner for me since summer 2005. I live in South America. It's sunny at the equator.
08-20-2008, 03:27 PM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
hi reubin you are right base always goes first.lace with me frays .
this summer first time i not out in sun alot in my life haha, i need to try adf...but its nice to have xtra so you not rush, rush. once u get routine its so easy....i still hard on units but not like before. also i got many reubin i can get few weeks out of...box of them haha
08-20-2008, 03:49 PM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
I got 4 coming in in a few weeks and two new ones cut in and one in the box. I'm actually cutting it close!

Like I've said before I get a SOLID 3, could be 3 and a half months and 4-5 would be possible if I really babied it a bit more. But I don't. I use whatever products I want, if the shampoo has sulfates I don't care and if there is alcohol in the gel or spray so what? I'm going to look like a buffoon, get satin pillow cases, mail order sulfite free shampoo and skimp on looks so that the piece lasts another 3 weeks? If they were like $500 a pop, yes I'd be a bit easier. Also going with a heavier lace or some sort of skin would make them last longer but I've gotta have a natural look, showing hairline and have a head that breathes. I will give the new skin a shot just because I try everything once....
08-20-2008, 03:52 PM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
Speaking of Purology, Bobby, I purchased them when the hype first came out Spring 2005. I used my first combo (shamp/cond) and I'm in the middle of the second combo. I only used this once a month and I only use a little bit. Also I order from Debbie every 6 months. All of a sudden, bang $100 order.
08-20-2008, 03:58 PM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
I got five months from one (iLace) usually around 4 months for 64/SFS, maybe less for poly types. The main problem I find is the hair dries out without the natural oils that real hair has, despite using hydrating shampoo/conditioner. When it dries it becomes brittle and breaks or sheds.
08-20-2008, 06:34 PM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
reubin Wrote:I think what really works wonders is that I attach on Monday and during the week I apply SPF 50 Coppertone sport at least once as a gel. I never get fade (Sorry Ian) and my hair hardly get brittle (Sorry Doc).

So the hair lasts well. The gels I use are waxy and not "gel like" so I think that is why I hardly get dry hair as the alcohol to oil ratio is low in these types of products.

Chances are the gels you use have dimethicone in them.

It isn't so much the fact that a product is alcohol free as it is that the product doesn't soak into the hair too much, and that's where some "waxy" gels have an advantage.....they don't allow the rest of the stuff (even if it isn't alcohol) to penetrate the hair shaft and wick the moisture out.

The best gel I have is a John Frieda product that has "encapsulated silicone" in it. I bought it a long time ago and liked it but it wasn't until I started seeing other silicone products work well that I put 2 and 2 together and realized that the dimethicone was the common denominator.

Incidentally, I have several waxes and gels that dont contain alcohol that STILL dry the hair out unless I add my serum to the mix.

And speaking of my serum- I hope to announce the official opening of my web store next week, along with a last minute addition to the ingredients list (hint-the last minute ingredient starts with an "s".
08-22-2008, 02:25 AM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
I actually want to order four at a time but I never can seem to get one that is exactly what I ordered. For me personally, there is always something that is done to the hair that I didn't specify. For example, the last hair came with the wrong hairline contour. 10% gray sometimes comes in looking like 20% and some comes in with no gray. Sometimes, the base isn't the correct size. If I ever get one that is exactly what I want, I will simply ask Toplace to replicate it and send me four of them.
08-22-2008, 10:26 AM,
Re: how long hair lasts?
gsb - it's not an exact science. Order two at a time and when they come in and are good immediately send one back to have it cloned 3 times. Tell them to keep the model at the factory until all the new ones are ready and the order is complete and send back the new ones and the model all in one shot. John or whoever should be checking that the model and the new ones are pretty close to carbon copies.

If the factory receives the model and writes down the specs and sends it back and then makes the pieces you are in for a suprise. They need to have that model in front of them the whole time. Once they clone it correctly keep one of the new pieces ready to be the next model and get a rotation going.


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