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SFS lace attachment Question.
08-20-2008, 01:28 AM,
SFS lace attachment Question.
My sfs unit will be arriving in about 2 weeks. I need some opionions on how to attach it. I have heard tape all around and glue all around. Which method is best? Any feedback would be appreciated.

08-20-2008, 01:39 AM,
Re: SFS lace attachment Question.
nobody can tell you which is best because everybody's body chemistry is different and what works well for some, may not work well for you. you will simply have to do the ol' trial and error routine to find what is best for you.
many like the tape on sides and back, and glue for the front. this is a popular way of attachment. some like all glue.
try it both ways and see what works for you.
08-22-2008, 03:18 AM,
Re: SFS lace attachment Question.
If you are new to wearing, I would suggest that you start with one of the weaker glues or tapes until you get the hang of attaching and removing. One of the white glues like I-glue or Basebond, just use a thin coat or two to start with. Red liner tape is easy to remove. Reason is that SFS is the most fragile lace, if you attach with a strong glue or tape and get it wrong it can be a pain to remove it.
08-22-2008, 10:14 AM,
Re: SFS lace attachment Question.
Agree with WESB -Also tapes in general for a newbie are tough to work with. Glue is liquid and super thin. A decent attachment could be a THIN coat of white glue all thw way around the edges - applied with a makeup wedge - NxGen, I-Glue.... wait for that to dry 10 mins. Then using a new makeup wedge apply a THIN layer of Tight Grip or Ultra Hold. Wait about 6 minutes -thin layers dry faster - if you wait too long the base doesn't adhere as well.

The only problem is the front if you didn't line up the glue all that well. Using a q-tip doused in 99% you can clean up some og the glue up front. or you can rub your finger and roll off the excess.

Or you can do what BA recommends and that is cut back a wee bit on the glue up front so that there is lace that is not really attached. Taking a toothpik apply just under the few millimeters of lace that is not glued. This way you are sure to not have a gluey forehead in front of the hairline with hair stuck onto it.

There is a learinig curve to doing this so please give yourself lots of time - try doing these types of things on weekends.

Good luck.

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