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Procedure for detaching and cleaning the SFS.
08-22-2008, 04:02 AM,
Procedure for detaching and cleaning the SFS.
Hi All, sorry if this has been discussed before. What are the procedures for detaching and cleaning of SFS unit.

Thanks in Advance!
08-22-2008, 10:03 AM,
Re: Procedure for detaching and cleaning the SFS.
Everyone uses and does things a little differently SOOOOO with that in mind...

I release with 99% while wearing a bandana. Usually all the adhesive glue/tape stays on my head with just a mild residual on the piece - nice.

OK this first part is important. IF you release with an oil product like Pure or Desolvit or Lace Release your lace base base is now all oiled up. This hurts the next attachment unless you scrub the crap out of the base in which case you are shortening the life of the lace. Not worth it and it's more work. Try and keep all oil products away from the base.

Clean the base by spritzing more 99% (buy a little spritzer from "the container store"), waiting a minute and wiping off with a strong paper towel or I use Mr Clean's Magic Eraser torn in strips. It grabs the residual glue. Spray the base a few good times, almost soaking it in 99%. Continue to wipe with paper towel or Mr Clean's Eraser - the ripped off edge of the eraser.

I was never a fan of the Magazine/Mirror slide because you press the hair side of the base against a hard object while everything is doused in some oil product which goes through the lace to the hair side and stays with the hair. Any oil used on the base always comes back to haunt you in the next attachment.


Using oil to clean the scalp is not a big deal. Your scalp is not Swiss Lace and will not fray. If you are using tape anywhere in your attachment wait after releasing with 99% for about 7 minutes. This way the tape will regain it's structure and you will be able to use tweezers and peel it off in one shot. If you try to remove the tape moments after relasing the 99% will still be rendering the tape gummy. You don't want that.

I use glue and tape (tape back, perhaps sides or middle, glue up front ) so after I get the tape off in nice clean strips I use PURE from Debbie. It smells nice, travels through airports well (had desolv it confiscated at JFK from my checked luggage) and cleans up easier. Apply to scalp after pouring a bit on the palm of you hand. Rub it around. Wait about 3 minutes and using an old credit card use that to scrape off the big stuff, wiping that on to a paper towel. Don't scrape too hard. Then apply the PURE again and wait about 5 mins and wipe with a paper towell - you migh need to do this again if you didn't use thin coats of glue while attaching - alwyas use thin coats of glue and attach not too long afterwards - another post.

After all that shower and clean your head. If possible shave and sleep bald or covered with a banadana. Give your head a break. If you shave with an electric it is less wear and tear on the scalp. Remember: you just removed, maybe peeled tape and scraped and wiped - give your BEAN A BREAK!

In the morning there will be an unruly amt of oil on your scalp because of the release procedure the night before - your head naturally produces oil to combat the removal/dryness - imagine if you would have attached again ten minutes later the night before.

08-26-2008, 12:41 PM,
Re: Procedure for detaching and cleaning the SFS.
Hey Reubin,

I just placed an order with Debbie for the first time, and waiting on my first piece. I thought I ordered everyting I would really need, until I seen that you use 99%, but she doesnt sell it. Can I ask where you get it? By tthe way you describe it, it seems really easy to use with no mess, and better than lace release. thanks.

08-26-2008, 01:36 PM,
Re: Procedure for detaching and cleaning the SFS.
Patrick128 Wrote:Can I ask where you get it?

See my supplies faq here:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://groups.google.com/group/st30/web/supplies-faq">http://groups.google.com/group/st30/web/supplies-faq</a><!-- m -->

Search for "99%"

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