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Hair Syle
08-25-2008, 05:34 AM,
Hair Syle
Hi Can I achieve this hair style with a hair system, Of course not as exaggerated ( I would go shorter), but this is the only image I could find, I have been losing hair for 2 years now, and It's pretty sad, I'm only 23 and I don't want to start using any drugs cause I know I will not recuperate the hair I already lost. shaving is not an option I tried it and I just don't like it, this may sound stupid but people kind of ignore me when I'm bald specially female friends. :cry:

Thank you for your help.

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08-25-2008, 07:06 AM,
Re: Hair Syle
I don't see why you shouldn't be able to achieve that. MB in his video has a simimlar hair style, only a lot less dense, and not spiked out on the sides, but it's the same idea.

Exposing so much of front hairline, however, is I think a bit of a challenge for a newbie. I think with all the other things you need to master, it is easier to gel your hair forward or comb it down, so you don't have to also learn how to maintain a perfect hairline.

Also, with the hair spiked up like that, you basically have a hairline all around your head. If you are applying the unit yourself, then getting the seams to match perfectly is also something of a challenge.

Executive summary: Yes, it's possible, but I'd try an easier style first, if I were you. Unless you are the type who revels in the challenge and are a natural handyman.
08-25-2008, 07:30 AM,
Re: Hair Syle
Thank you for the response, I haven't ordered a hair piece yet, but I'm researching for the future, I'm tired of using concealers, I can't swim , and if it rains!!!! pfffffffffffffffffft I hate it. hopefully I will be able to recreate that style with a hair piece. thanks again.
08-25-2008, 07:41 AM,
Re: Hair Syle
Rain isn't so much of a problem with hairpieces as it is with Toppik. Rain is the arch nemesis of Toppik! (Also, for blending issues with a hairpiece, DermMatch stands up to rain and showers, as long as you don't use shampoo.)

For that kind of hairstyle, I think that you are going to have to use glue, rather than tape, and glue is not as good for swimming as tape. Or so I hear. I haven't yet tried to swim with a hairpiece.

You may want to query others as to what glues are known to work for swimming, and you'll also probably want to experiment by soaking your head in the bath for an hour with the glue of your choice, to make sure that it actually stands up to such long durations of submersion.

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