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Opinions about Synthetic-Artificial Hair???
08-27-2008, 03:52 PM,
Opinions about Synthetic-Artificial Hair???
Hi everyone! I have been told that Synthetic or Artificial hair makes your life so much easier: The color of the hair doesn't fade (sounds great), the hair doesn't get dry, you don't need to use a special kind of shampoo, you can wash it every day, you can use any kind of hair-gel or spray to style your hair, you don't need to buy a water-filter, if you go to the beach the hair it's not gonna be affected by the humidity, sun, water, sand, etc. Sounds great! It makes you wish to order synthetic hair instead of natural hair. But, It looks the same? It feels the same? Can people tell the difference? Can anyone comment about this? Anyone here have used synthetic hair? Is a good option?
09-11-2008, 11:27 PM,
Re: Opinions about Synthetic-Artificial Hair???
I'd appreciate hearing from synthetic wearers as well. I've avoided wearing it because it's not supposed to be a good material for "semi-extended wear". I've heard that kanekalon with snap, krinkle or get really frizzy/static charged looking if slept in, on a regular basis. Thanks guys.

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