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Indiana Jones and the Template of Doom
10-22-2008, 02:21 PM,
Indiana Jones and the Template of Doom
[Apologies for the misleading thread title. This has nothing to do with Harrison Ford or his thinning, rather age-appropriate hair. I just couldn't resist a lousy pun.]

Hairykrishna, here. You may remember me from the old forum as the most prolific non-hair-wearing contributor (well, besides Debbie, of course) - you know, back when ST-30 was spanking new, JRob still wore a topper, and some crazy bloke got the boot for trying to peddle his own shampoo (only to re-emerge under a series of thinly disguised monikers). Fun times.

You may also remember that the major obstacle to my wearing a toplace was a combination of residential and financial concerns that would have made things not only uncomfortable (room mates and all) but unsustainable budget-wise. Two life-changing things have happened since then:

1.) My hair made a reasonable recovery. Yeah, that's right. Apparently I didn't and don't suffer from MPB. My immune system just doesn't like me. Isn't that the damndest thing? These days I need only a small dusting of dermmatch and I'm a happy camper. However, the condition is highly unpredictable and I accept that I may very well be in the eye of a storm.

2.) I somehow landed the position of clinical research assistant at an infectious disease laboratory, which has put me on a small but steady financial footing. I'm not living in luxury, but I eat and live comfortably, and - for the first time in my life - have some spare change on the side.

It is with this spare change that I have now decided to buy my first toplace. I'm not sure that I would even wear it casually, seeing as the old dome isnt as visible as it once was. But that shouldn't stop me from being able to don a little something for a gig and head bang with my bandmates in style, right? I figured if I'd go with a full cap too if it's just a matter of showmanship.

Problem: My template looks like a crumpled tissue! It's hard to do this on your own! Is there anyone in the Atlanta area who can be a big brother and help me out? Do I need a template of the whole head if I want a full cap, or is the top enough? If you know of anyone in the Atlanta area who can walk me through this, I'd appreciate it.

p.s. What's with the forum these days? Come on guys, come out from hiding and talk! Get the wisdom flowing!
10-22-2008, 04:04 PM,
Re: Indiana Jones and the Template of Doom
Great to hear from you, Hairykrishna! I was wondering what happened to you... Very glad to hear that you're not suffering from MPB. Big Grin

I am not from the Atlanta area and am unable to point you in the direction of anyone who can assist you with a template, but if you want you can just send your measurements. A lot of people do this and, from what I hear, this is equally just as good.
10-25-2008, 03:15 AM,
Re: Indiana Jones and the Template of Doom
I'm your Boy Blue.

Might be in Atlanta tomorrow.

Hit me up quick.

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