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Doing a Fade Haircut.
10-26-2008, 11:32 AM,
Doing a Fade Haircut.
I cut my own hair, and even started cutting in my own systems, But the part that eludes me still is a good fade cut. Cutting it real short on the bottom and gradually increasing length as you go up. Its real hard to do with the buzzer guards.. I end up always having a line. or cutting too short or something. Its hard for me because my system goes far down sort of, so if i cut the bottom real short, I have to have very fast increases of density as you go up. I know this is possible, but takes skill. The girl erin from nj was very good at doing the fade cut on me, Im trying to mimic it, but i feel like using the guards dont work well. Plus they are too big, and its hard to judge where you are cutting. I want to cut the very bottom of my side and back hair on a number two.. but as i get up , about four inches where it blends into the system, I would like that area to be at least half an inch length. So the fade has to be very quick. Any tips or suggestions?
10-26-2008, 05:05 PM,
Re: Doing a Fade Haircut.
Dude, you gotta get a robocut. They are ideal for fade cuts. Even a git like me can do it. :ugeek:
10-27-2008, 01:01 AM,
Re: Doing a Fade Haircut.
i do my own cut , not too difficult

first you get something proper for the unit to sit in, such as a doll head
before you cut, you need to make sure you get the proper tools, such as a sharp scissors, sharp thinning scissors and the a good comb
you need to wet your hair and comb the hair straight first, thats how you can measure it properly, wet the whole hair
start measuring with your index and middle finger , grab a bunch of hair and start cutting.. leave some room for error because wet hair are usually longer
once you make you first few measure / cut, things are a lot easier , simply repeat the proces

you may rather cut it slightly longer than you wanted to begin with, that gives you room for any errors, then do a further cut in after wearing for a few days, if you find that is necessary
10-27-2008, 03:51 AM,
Re: Doing a Fade Haircut.
using the buzzer with guards is a good way to do a fade. but you have to blend the lines in afterward. it takes a little time but the look is seamless.
use the blending shears to blend the lines away.
10-27-2008, 05:32 AM,
Re: Doing a Fade Haircut.
Hey debbie, are you referring to the shears over comb technique? I just thought of a technique to use. Please let me know your thoughts debbie since you are a pro at this.

I was figuring, Get the guard that will be your longest guard.. so lets say a number six... Cut the back and sides to a number six starting from the buttom up, in a rocking motion etc.. Then skip guard 5 and go to a number four.. go from the bottom to top but stop where u want the number four to stop.. do this in a rocking motion.. Im guessing the rocking motion will blend with the six, not needing to do five.. but if there is a line. Then go back over the line with the number 5 u skipped. Then below that id go to a number 2, and skip 3.. do the bottom etc.. This is the best way i can think of , of doing the fade easier.. Just an idea.. maybe my technique sucks.. I know the pros do the clipper over comb technique but im a lil scared to do it
10-27-2008, 07:01 AM,
Re: Doing a Fade Haircut.
yes, I use the clipper over comb method to blend in any visible lines.....but that method is hard to explain in an email. Smile
try using your guards in succession, not skipping any. (for example #4 at the bottom, going to a #5 and up to a #6
at the point of transition, use the blending shears to blend in the "line" of transition.
I use this method even with very short fades.....for example, no guard, transitioning to a #1 and then using a #2 on top.
10-28-2008, 05:55 AM,
Re: Doing a Fade Haircut.
Yeah but the problem I have with the incremental guard steps, is that i need to make a fast or radical fade almost. I dont have enough room to start real low and then work my way up to a number six guard. I have about four to five inches of back hair to work with .

Let me ask you one last thing. If i just got a number two.. did the bottom with a very strong rocking motion to help blend, and then went to the line and used the clipper over comb on the line. would that be enough to suffice or make it blend?
10-28-2008, 05:57 AM,
Re: Doing a Fade Haircut.
It could work....I'm not sure. I don't use that rocking motion technique so I cannot say for sure....but it sounds feasable.

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