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Latest Farrell statement....comments anyone?
10-26-2008, 11:46 AM,
Latest Farrell statement....comments anyone?
Here's the latest from Richard Farrell---anyone care to comment?

Farrell Voted Best in the World 9 Years
One of the drawbacks of being voted the “Best Hair Replacement System in the World for 9 Straight years” is going to be the jalousies of competitors, “it’s sad” says Richard. Some people are so worried about profit and trying to make a name for their company that they will say anything, it hurts because we have always been on the forefront of compassion and decency in this industry. Our goal at Farrell is to help, that is why we don’t talk about any of our competitors, “were just not worried about them” says Richard, they come and go through the years but Farrell Hair Replacement is to stay!
10-26-2008, 12:13 PM,
Re: Latest Farrell statement....comments anyone?
were just not worried about them” says Richard, they come and go through the years but Farrell Hair Replacement is to stay!ToplaceUSA

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Yeah...with prices like they charge...they will always find some desperate soul to get screwed in the A--and just because they are exspensive they will proabaly stay in business because if it costs that much It must be a good product. I have been wearing for 17 years and Toplace is the best deal around for customer service...advice and understanding a wearers need! Amen for Toplace!!! If it were'nt for BA...JOHN....and Debbie... all of us would be paying way to much...and in a world of hurt. Let's keep Toplace on top of the market so everyone benefits. Cheers
10-27-2008, 02:51 AM,
Re: Latest Farrell statement....comments anyone?
It's really too bad for the inexperienced out there that automatically equate a great service and quality products with high prices. I'm sure that there are some that assume that because Farrell is phenomenally expensive, it must be the better choice.

Of course since it is his livelyhood, RF will say anything to detract those newbies from doing more research to come up with the best solution for themselves. Folks like BA, John, and Debbie are at the polar opposite of that sort of approach.

10-27-2008, 03:27 AM,
Re: Latest Farrell statement....comments anyone?
It's obvious Farrell is a greedy git as BA would say, but if he really thinks what he said in those quotes, the guy has totally lost contact with reality.
10-28-2008, 03:14 AM,
Re: Latest Farrell statement....comments anyone?
According to some industry insiders I've spoken
with in New York City...

Even Farrell is taking a huge hit with the economy the
way it is, and is quietly being forced to close up a few
of their hair centers ...

Farrell does a great service INDIRECTLY to the hair
replacement community as does the other hair
replacement centers

They (Farrell, HCM, etc) are the ones who spend the
money on advertising and keep what is possible for
balding men ....in the public eyes ....

That brings more people into this market who are
searching for hair replacement options... eventually ..
Some of people might find toplace ..

and their added monies help Toplace and the factories stay
afloat and provide pieces for the rest of us at the obscenely
low prices we are paying here ... for Quality pieces ...

As a hypnotist, there was a nationwide chain of hypnosis
centers called Positive Changes. They took out huge,
full page space ads in the papers ...

They spent an obscene amount ..and also charged an
obscene amount to new clients in the
form of contracts .. just like the hair centers do ...

My fellow hypnotists all were all upset by the major
chain coming to their towns ...
("Oh .. they're going to take away our business!")

but those of us who are RUN a business and have
to shell out fixed costs every month...

understand .. how all the publicity and advertising
this chain spent .. increased the public's awareness
about hypnosis/hypnotherapy and had MORE PEOPLE
understanding what a powerful
modality of changework this is ...

and the side effect of their intense spending
and public relations ... it had a ripple effect ..
which generated business 'business-wide' for
all of us ...

Darn ... I wish this chain was still around ....
Think about this .. when you look at HCM, Farrell
or JA Alternatives ... They are generating business
for everyone ....

and the volume of business allow us to benefit from
BA's ability to negotiate, slightly above wholesale
prices for quality hair pieces ...

Just my opinion .....
Remember the first Sony VCR's cost 2,500 bucks
Now ... you can find them for $25.

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