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Tenderness in the nape area.
10-27-2008, 12:41 PM,
Tenderness in the nape area.
Hi people,

I tried an experiment a while back due to my very sparse hair at the back of my head. I had two very thin areas so decided to try and cut out two shapes from an old piece and attach them to the said areas and see what the results would be. I was delighted with the results, so much so that I have actually shaved all of the lower area of my back hair away and cut out a partial to fit in so that it fits right up to the base of my actual piece. I blend the two areas together using dermatch and it looks very realistic.

There is a down side to this though. I have noticed that right at the base of my partial (the nape area) my skin looks very raw and inflamed. I have been using Ultra Hold on my nape area to attach the partial but as I have previously stated, I am not getting a good skin reaction at all. I have tried using a scalp protector that I got from Debbie ages ago but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I was wondering about trying the liquid bandage that some where using on their frontal hairlines and then putting the Ultra hold on top of that, do you think that would help?

I would really appreciate some input on this as my nape area looks like it could start to become infected soon. I can't exactly leave it off for a few days as I have shaved all the hair underneath off. I will however just use tape for the time being to try and get the area to calm down a bit.

Thanks everyone.
10-27-2008, 01:59 PM,
Re: Tenderness in the nape area.
You might try a white glue instead. They make some pretty good ones these days. ORWG and Perma Rite #15 work quite well for me, for instance.
10-27-2008, 02:23 PM,
Re: Tenderness in the nape area.
Props on the inventiveness :ugeek: I did something similar recently. I shaved my sideburns off cause I'm going completely bald for Halloween, and my current pieces are cut-in to integrate existing sideburns, so I had to make substitute sideburns until my new pieces arrive. Just two little squares cut from an old piece, but they work great!

The solvents in UH might not allow the liquid bandage to retain its integrity....you'll have to try it to see for sure though.

Why do you use UH anyway? Strength of hold? IMO blue liner tape is nearly as strong as UH.

Maybe try a strong tape (blue liner, ST30, Supertape, Walker No Shine, DuraFlex) as a barrier then glue on top?
10-27-2008, 02:24 PM,
Re: Tenderness in the nape area.
sometimes when you shave and put the glue on right away, it can also cause this type of irritation. you have already irritated your skin with the shaving and then you slap some irritating glue onto it....if possible, try to shave and then let the area breathe a little before applying again. also, UH is one of the strongest glues...perhaps a white glue will be more skin friendly for you??
10-28-2008, 11:24 AM,
Re: Tenderness in the nape area.
Thanks to all for the advice, it's very much appreciated. I have tried using I glue but find that it just doesn't hold for me in the nape area, is there a stronger alternative in a white glue that I could try that may be not quite as harsh as UH?

Thanks Debbie, I didn't even think about that but it makes so much sense. I will try to possibly shave the night before and then attach the next day so that it gives the area a chance to calm down before I apply glue.

Thanks to all.

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