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Full Lace and Gym ?
10-30-2008, 08:54 AM,
Full Lace and Gym ?
Hello all

I was reading some posts in the old forum, and i know that Full Lace is not the best option to sportsmen, and i'm also agree with BA when he say that the best option is to have 2 units (as i read from him).
But i'm still having a couple of doubts:

1) Are uncompatible sports and Full Lace?
If not, i'll be happy if someone here can tell me what kind of care must have a Full Lace wearer during sports activity.

2) How much detectability resign, a desing like the following?:
[Image: BondBaseA.JPG]
I mean how much in quantity, and quality.

I'll be happy if this thread start a discussion about naturality vs security wearing hair systems.
10-30-2008, 09:33 AM,
Re: Full Lace and Gym ?
I have a client that wears full french lace and works out daily. he does a complete removal and cleaning every weekend. He wears Ultra Hold.
I agree that thinskin or poly type units can be bonded on stronger and longer and no worries of glue bleed through..........but one just has to find what works best for them. what works for one may not work for another.

10-30-2008, 10:33 AM,
Re: Full Lace and Gym ?
I'm currently wearing a French lase base held with either ST30 all round or just on the sides and no shine tape at the front. I work out 3-4 times a week and have no problem with hold. I currently re attach every week but I am looking at just re attaching the front every week and removing the unit every 2.
Unfortunately as Debbie points out it does depend on what works for you and you need to just try different approaches. The only point I will make is that glue will bleed more into your hair than the adhesive on tape and it is exaggerated when you get hot and sweaty.
10-30-2008, 10:50 AM,
Re: Full Lace and Gym ?
I wear an all Swiss lace and workout daily.
The two most important things I do is
1. Seal the frontal area, currently I use got2beglued for this, but BA came up with a sealer for lace that works too, although I havent tried it.
2. I shower and at least soak my hair, especially the front, every day.
I soak and rinse the hair same as you would if shampooing it- but you dont have to shampoo, just get it good and wet with warm water.
Tilt your head back and have the water flow in such a manner as to have it slick your hairline back.
This will allow your scalp to be rinsed of most dirt and oil, sweat, etc that loosens your bond.
Do it carefully as the warm water will temporarily loosen the bond, and once you get out of the shower you can gently lift and slick back any stray hairs, use a comb to lightly press the lace at the front to be sure its seated, then use a microfiber wash cloth or (baby wipe) to wipe any excess glue and/or glue sealer down your forehead and away from your hairline.
Once your hair dries, the bond will reharden itself without all the sweat and oil in there, so it`ll be almost like a new front.

On every third day or so, add shampoo & conditioner to this routine for a nice clean scalp.

edited to add-
after the bond rehardens and the hair dries, add a thin layer of lace sealer to the front and after it sets, the front can then be styled however you like, as I know some guys dont want it slicked back.

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