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getting undetectable back edge
10-31-2008, 04:00 AM,
getting undetectable back edge
I am now wearing a full cap that is all Swiss lace with no PSB at all. I like this base very much, but I am still some having difficulty with undetectability to touch in the back. It's much better for touch than PSB, but it's still a work in progress. The issue is that, just a few hours after attaching, the bond in the back loosens up just enough so that the edge in the back lifts a little. It can be felt by someone touching the hair. The first few hours after bonding, I have a great bond (I use blue liner tape) and good undetectability to touch that I NEVER had with a PSB edge. For topper wearers, the reason the full cap back edge lifts so quickly is because it is attached to a somewhat fleshy area below the very firm occipital bone. To wear the back edge above the occipital bone and grow my own hape hair is unsatisfactory to me because my nape hair is too thin. I am considering various options.

1. Try a tiny amount of a product like Mighty Mendit or some other lace sealer about an eighth of an inch above the back edge in order to allow the tape to stick better. I think if the product doesn't go all the way down to the edge of the lace, it won't get the detectable feel of a PSB edge.

2. Try a tape that is stronger than blue liner. Is ST30 stronger than blue liner?

3. Apply the tape to the scalp instead of the lace for the nape area. I have no idea what the effect would be.

4. Wear the edge above the occipital bone. I just think that is too high if you don't have usable nape hair of your own below that.

5. Use glue for the nape but re-do each day. Very challenging to do, because you can't see as well as you see the front hairline when you glue.

Any thoughts??
10-31-2008, 05:58 AM,
Re: getting undetectable back edge
All that I have are thoughts, because I have no experience w/ full cap. I could never use blue liner with much success or longevity, but ST 30 is on my noggin for almost a month at a time with a great bond. In my opinion, the back is the most undetectable with a normal hairline in the back. Going above the occipital bone would be a dead give away. (sorry guys, but unless you are wearing a turtle neck shirt, anything cut that high screams fake or Amish) I would suggest using ST30 on the back of the unit and then set the unit to your head not stretching it and actually keeping it just a little lose so that it will adjust to the forward movement of your head without really pulling at the tape. I know that someone will totally misinterpret this and respond thinking that you could tuck a small dog back there, but NO. I am talking about just tipping your head forward as if glancing from monitor to keyboard; and attaching with your head in the lower position. You may want to start there and see if it helps. Debbie's front hairline tape might be thinner as well. Just ideas.


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