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Re: Ask a question.
02-02-2015, 04:11 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Hi ..you`re better off to post in a new thread on the main body of the forum ...this area here [up top] consists of older threads and information which aren`t read as frequently as the ` main` forum below.
You can get ORWG on Amazon UK ..just type it into the search bar .. just had a look and they have 8 bottles in stock.
Your questions have been covered many many times [not being unpleasant ---and I know how trawling through a large forum for a specific answer can be time-consuming].
Essentially, it`s not possible to give you a definitive answer relating to what will work best for you ....we all have different experiences with various bonding-on products...some guys get 3 weeks from Walker no-shine tape ... I get 3 days max.!! You`d be best to have a look at the HD site and order from their European hub ..they carry a huge range of products...they give details on possible hold ` times` from the various ones ...so it`s a matter of deciding on what you`d like to try out ......I`d advise you to buy a selection of small rolls of tape at the start ..you`ll find out which one/s work best for you and then you can order the bigger [more economical] rolls later .... same with glue/s ----it can be expensive at the start, getting in a stock of various things,especially as the manufacturers often only make large tubs of glue...if they had sample-sizes it would be just SO great ..one thing you`ll never ever have enough of is lace-release... I buy the large [litre] bottles...it never goes to waste.....you`ll be using it a lot when un-doing your bond.It`s an alcohol..... that simply breaks the bond...you then need a glue-melter [alcohol] and a citrus-based solvent such as `C-22` or De-solv-it, to tackle any residues on the scalp and/or base-material.... HD sell all those things....
there are many tutorial videos on HD and on Youtube relating to most aspects of bonding, debonding and applying glue/tape/s ..... in relation to your enquiry about a 3-week hold and no residue ...well, the reality is the longer you leave a thing [bond] in place, the more inclined it will be to eventually turn into a gooey ` mess` resulting in a headache of a clean-up.......I also am not in favour of leaving glue/tape stuck onto your scalp [blocking your pores] for such a long time ...it can and often does, lead on to health-issues....the last thing you want or need is some medical condition on your head..best stay with a regular [weekly] routine..it`ll save a lot of bother in the long run....... I know some guys may disagree, but most of us, especially in hot weather, will run into issues by leaving bonds in place for too long.
Hope that helps..... just post in the main forum there for a better chance of a reply..it`s only by chance I actually saw your post !!
05-30-2016, 10:44 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
It looks like i can't get through with my question via your contact form.

I have reordered my system and I'm wondering if you still have my template on file? I'm guessing i have to resend a hair sample but the template might still be there? If it is there maybe i could choose a hair code that looks like mine and then recolor it if need be.

What is required of me oh mighty god - giver of hair ?

Ordernumber: #100005047

PS: I would also like bleached knots in the front. Didnt find a way to update that info when i clicked reorder.
07-04-2016, 03:15 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Hello Toplace!:-)
Since i already opened a little thread with some questions about hair-density in systems, it's now time for my next steps.
My question to Toplace is: Can i order a "sample piece" to check out the hair-density of around 50%? Base material, color, size,... doesn't matter with this. I just need a small sized area of Hair-system with the hairdensity of around 50%. I need to see it in reallife to know what my real system needs in the coming months.

Toplace or anyone on the forum: can you send me a sample of this kind? or maybe just a used piece with this density? of course i pay for it, but the point of this is to see the density scale around 50% without having to pay loads for a whole system. i need this for planning:-) and since i live in europe, its not easy to simply get a toplace piece around here without ordering. Hope someone can help me out with my discovering und planning-phase!


07-04-2016, 05:01 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
(11-03-2008, 05:56 AM)AlopeciaChica Wrote: For newbies on this forum, could you tell us what types of questions should go to John and Debbie?

thanks Smile
07-04-2016, 05:02 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Ask whatever you want. Eventually we will integrate this portion into the general discussion forum to make it easier to search specific topics for answers.
06-18-2018, 03:52 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Really disappointed at the lack of transparency and customer service this company now has. Instead of running a business, the excuse i've been told 'I'm just the messenger. The factory tells me what is going on and theres nothing I can do'
10-22-2018, 10:33 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
thanks for sharing this information
November 2018 Calendar Templates
10-22-2018, 10:34 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
December 2018 Calendar Template
2018 November Calendar

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