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Re: Ask a question.
04-19-2010, 11:43 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Hi Alex,
We are getting more and more requests for full caps. We will be adding a separate page to the web site for full caps----once we get all the kinks out of the new site. The cost of a full cap is $350 plus $20 S&H for the domestic USA. Just send in the template along with the Printable Order Form (see 'How to Order'). Someone will call you once your order is received to go through the details and make sure that you get exactly what you want. Including a photo from a magazine of the style/density/curl you'd like is always a good idea---it will be sent to the factory so that know what you'd like. Making a template isn't really that tough. There are some video tutorials on YouTube---just do a search under 'hair template.' And remember--you've got help on this forum (JRob) is our full cap guru and you can call the toll free number for help. Good luck!
09-22-2010, 07:02 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
I recently started wearing and the question I have is about tapes.

My current piece, for whatever reason is much bigger than my bald area. Perhaps it was the template I sent it or something else, but whatever the case may be, I have about 1/4 an inch of extra lace on the sides.

I'm already in the process of making a new template for my next piece. This time, I'm leaving about 1/8 of an inch (give or take from what I could tell) of space from the edge of the template to my real hair. Hopefully, this will result to a piece that fits me better.

Anyway, about the tape, I brought some Super Tape - A-contour shape while I was waiting for my first piece. With the template I just made, the A-contour tape is too wide to fit now. I was wondering if anyone knows any contour shapes that are steeper in shape. And if anyone could offer any tips on how to make a better (accurate) template, that'll be great!
12-25-2010, 12:56 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
what are "the knots" and what does bleaching them mean?
also does the lace base come, skin coloured or what colour?
and is the hairline graduated at the front, as standard or do u have to order it specifically?
thanks in advcanceSmile
12-25-2010, 03:01 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Hi tylerdurdan...... I almost didn`t see your post up here at the top of the page...just start a new thread with any question and it will appear in the main body of the page there,so less chance of being overlooked. If you click on the ``Info links for newbies`` up the top there and type `knot bleaching` into the search box at the bottom, there are some old posts /links there.
Knots are simply the knots which the ventilators tie in the hair on the lace base..they literally tie a knot. Depending on your hair-colour [mine is dark] some people who have light/fair hair feel better with the knots bleached to a light colour so as not to be visible to the eye..... usually the factory will do it, but some wearers like to bleach their own. It`s something I`d rather not get involved with. Even with darker hair, because the hair is knotted, it can be visible [on lighter density systems] as little `dots` ..some people like to bleach the knots so they are not visible against the scalp. The lace is a kind of `neutral`colour as such and `takes on `the colour of the scalp beneath it so it looks very natural in wear. To the best of my knowledge [ I am open to correction] the systems are graduated as standard..it`s never caused me an issue anyway ... Paul.
12-25-2010, 12:02 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
thanks paul, your are a wealth of information, i sincerly appreciate your feedback and information, thank you.

i am 23 by the way, yes my hair is also very dark, a similar colour to yours actually, very dark brown. so you would recoommend not bleaching the knots? im thinking of gettin the first system, with maybe a density of 60% and perhaps intime increase that to slightly more, i think being realistic is the best option, rather than goin from thinning hair to a very thick head of hair, merry christmas by the way Smile
12-26-2010, 03:47 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Hi again tylerdurdan.... you`re most welcome, and glad the reply is helpful [Happy Christmas to you also] I wouldn`t worry about knot-bleaching....it`s never been an issue for me thankfully, and my systems are of a light-ish density. I honestly think you`ll find 60% more than adequate.Try to obtain one of those polystyrene head-shapes...very handy for sitting your system on overnight, or if `working`on it ...you can pop a few little pins through the lace to hold it on while you brush/style your hair or spray in some conditioner etc. When you get your new system, it`s a good idea to pop it onto it for a few days and gently brush the hair and mist it with water.....helps the hair to `relax` and hang naturally.......the standard length is 6 inches unless you specify otherwise, and when it arrives, it`s in ringlets, sitting on a plastic template with a light hair-net on it....it can be freaky to look at initially --you`d think `` Oh my God--how will that ever look like `me` !!! Trust me ----it will be fine !! Just sit it onto the polystyrene thing [you could also pop into any large department store and ask if they have any old mannequin heads they don`t want--all you need is one] I think you can buy them [ Polystyrene ones] on line from hair supplies sites, and carefully brush the hair and mist with water. Do it a few times over a few days, and it will soon look `normal`. I wouldn`t bother ordering the standard -length unless you normally wear your hair almost shoulder length...... for any wearer, all you have to do is measure from where your perimeter at the back will be [just around/below the crown there] down to the spot where your nape hair ends [usually about 4 inches or so] and that should really be enough of a length to order---saves `work`for the stylist too .......obviously don`t go too short but if your `finished`hair will be a short/er style, why order a system with hair twice the length as the `finished`result---just a load of work/waste? I only ordered 3- inch on this system..... it was styled-in in literally 10 minutes !! I could possibly have done with an extra inch --just for `safety`but I sure appreciated the speed of the cut-in, as did the stylist. It was also easier to `` see`` what we were doing in regards to positioning it on the scalp as there was less long hair in the way . I`m sure you`ll be delighted with your system..yeah it`s a bit of a learning -curve, but in no time you`ll be on here doling out the advice !! Best wishes-- Paul.
01-28-2011, 02:15 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Hi, I wanted to get a quote on a hairpiece, I've send an email with pics to [email protected]

05-02-2011, 09:24 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Hey everyone,

I am 23 years old and new to the whole hair system. I cant decide if I should go with the french or swiss lace. I know its advise for beginners to go with the french, but I will have someone very experienced helping me attach/remove until I get the hang of it. I am going to wear my hair short with about 70% density. I will often show my hairline especially when going out.

How about doing a combination of the two? Only thing I heard about it is that where the french and swiss connect it can be very visible.

Or would you suggest doing a full piece with either french or swiss?

Thank you
05-03-2011, 01:55 AM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Many wearers have French with a Swiss front.....never heard of the join-line being an issue. It`s really a matter of your own choice....French is a bit more robust but Swiss, in my experience, is quite good..just use common-sense... it`s light, yea, but won`t disintegrate or rip/tear unless you are rough on it..... Swiss is probably best for exposed hairlines.... if you want to combine the two, it shouldn`t present you with any particular issue, particularly with a higher density..it won`t be seen... Paul.
05-06-2011, 03:59 PM,
RE: Re: Ask a question.
Thanks Paul for your response. I am getting a short haircut similar to this:


I am considering the Ilace Island with 1'' frontal Swiss lace, or should I just go with the swiss lace and french back?

Thank you for your time,


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