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hello everyone I am New here.. regarding sealer
11-26-2008, 11:38 PM,
hello everyone I am New here.. regarding sealer
Hey everyone hope everyones doing great .. I would consider myself as someone extremely new to this world of wonderful hair.... I LOVE TOPLACE.. it is one of the few best thing in my life and i Pray everyday that who ever is running this bussiness may live a HAPPY LIFE... SERIOUSLY a Great Human . Capitalism of this sort is actually Positive.. THUMBS UP TOPLACE....

i ordered my first system with Toplace really enjoyed everything but i wud take the blame on myself that i messed up the front by cutting it myself ruthlesLY.. however i have learned my lessons and fond a great stylist in my city that does my hair and attachments. i Ordered mine 65 %density... first i had the long hair look but then i got sick of it and went for a shorter look which was my orignal style when i had my own hair. and shorter one looks better. the only problem i have with sfs IS that iT becomes lose on the fronT after a while AND HAS THIS WHITE BASE MATERIAL THREADS....... and i was this close of getting a very think base from a store here in my city which would have cost me 600$ and lasted a month an half ... but then i went on the OLD forum ... where i saw BA mentioning about products called as Sealer or something ... I want that because if i can have that then i will keep sfs stuff coming . I LIVE in the US... can i still get it here ... they havent shipped my order yet im think i can add the sealer with hair aswell... Can i get it ?
11-27-2008, 07:58 AM,
Re: hello everyone I am New here.. regarding sealer
Hey Goodluck...I think you are referring to Fray Check...you can get it at walmart in the sewing section real cheap...just use a little on your finger and spread on the very edge of your lace...the only problem with this is after a day or two...it looks like dried or peeling skin...but I just take a little alcohol and clean it up and reapply...it does hide the lace and seals good.Cheers
11-27-2008, 11:45 PM,
Re: hello everyone I am New here.. regarding sealer
so this fray check stuff is the same as What ba was talking about ?
11-28-2008, 01:21 AM,
Re: hello everyone I am New here.. regarding sealer
I remember they had a flesh colored sealer before the last convention...but they decided at that time the frey chek was even better and easier to use. Ba or Debbie could tell you more about the other flesh colored stuff. I just remember they thought the frey check was just as good. And it does dry clear. Cheers
11-28-2008, 09:46 AM,
Re: hello everyone I am New here.. regarding sealer
and i have olive complextion it would still work on my skin ?

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