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A call to BA and Debbie! - Request to Pioneer!
11-28-2008, 04:14 AM,
A call to BA and Debbie! - Request to Pioneer!
BA, you are a true pioneer! Debbie is the ultimate. Here is my challenge to you.

We all know what real hair looks like on a head. It grows in a pattern, one hair at a time and it, for the most part is 180 degrees movable - but grows in a direction. I've seen 1 hairpiece in all my years of experience that was perfect in this regard. Put it on your head, it looked, behaved like real hair (do not count the edges). This was made for a child with cancer. It was beautiful - but heavy because I was told it was the only way to truly inject a hair and have it cooperate like real hair.

If the big bang can be recreated in a lab, then dammit we should be further ahead than where we are - like growing our own hair. I digress.

What is needed is a material, that mimics skin, and hair that can be vented in a direction with 180 degree movement, single hair with no knotting. The material needs to be breathable and conform with ones head with a degree of flexibility. The goal would be to have it shaped like your balding pattern, apply water or alchohol and press down (like silly pressing silly putty) and the interaction between the material sticks. Perspiration increases the suction.

If this, and SHOULD, become possible, it opens so many options. No more "detectability". Hell, I'll shave my head completely instead of dealing with blend - Andre' Agassi one minute, Brad Pitt the next. No headaches, glues, issues. When the hair falls out, inject back in
11-28-2008, 04:50 AM,
Re: A call to BA and Debbie! - Request to Pioneer!
I don't think we have to ask BA and Debbie to "pioneer". They seem to be always on the cutting edge (that's kind of a pun!).
11-28-2008, 07:04 AM,
Re: A call to BA and Debbie! - Request to Pioneer!
The only thing i agree with or hope there is an advancement is the attachment method. I think the systems now are pretty damn good. My freestyle pieces can be combed in pretty much any direction. What would be nice is a new attachment that avoids glues and tapes. Or perhaps a glue that has a very strong hold, but completely dissolves in some kind of solution. That way there are no glue boogers or mirror slides to worry about.
11-28-2008, 03:58 PM,
Re: A call to BA and Debbie! - Request to Pioneer!
I'm afraid since I don't make the hairpieces, I cannot pioneer on the very technical details you request. I wouldn't know how to come up with a skin-like material and then I couldn't inject hair into it if I did. LOL
I'm afraid we need to leave that up to the factories to pioneer. I, like the other poster, also think the factories are doing a great job....I have clients that are young and wear their hair spiked and trendy and there is NO indication they are wearing a hair system.
These new hair systems that are very, very thin and undetectable have made it possible for young, trendy men to consider wearing a "hair piece". Once I show them the systems and how they can look, they are sold!! I give that credit to all the new innovations in hair wearing over the years. Gone are the days of the thick bases and old toupees!!

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