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Tape on lace front?
01-08-2009, 05:06 PM,
Tape on lace front?
Ok guys, have to ask after reading some posts....

Do you guys use tape (like ST30, etc) on your actual lace front? I guess I was always told that tape would ruin the realism of the front and to always use glue. I am getting a tad frustrated with all the glues I use. They tend to mess up the frontal hairline by getting hairs glued together. The cleanup is very difficult and a lot of the time some of the glue wont come out at all.

How do you use the tape? Seems to me that you can't quite get it all the way to the front edge. You'd still have to use some glue? Isn't the tape hard to tear off? Wouldn't it ruin the lace? Especially an SFS lace.....

Thanks guys, great forum....appreciate all the tips!
01-08-2009, 08:04 PM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
The most realistic front attachement for lace is glue. Remember to use a very thin coat, let it dry before attaching, and use something like comb teeth to gently press the lace into the glue so you don't mash the hair down.

However, for some styles and looks, there are guys who definitely do tape the front. ST30 stretched out really thin and molded to the hairline was popular for awhile and I assume some are still doing it. Some guys purposely design their hairlines to a standard tape curve to make lining up pre-cut pieces easier, etc.
01-09-2009, 07:56 AM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
Been using all tape with all swiss for over a year.

Totally undetectable and the only way to wear.

Glue sucks and is a total hassle.
01-09-2009, 08:02 AM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
hey snipe, what kind of tape are you using?
01-09-2009, 08:31 AM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
Try using a tape/glue combo.

Tape about 1/4" behind the hairline, then finish it with white glue. best of both worlds.....strong hold, easy application, perfect finish.
01-09-2009, 01:40 PM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
What about removing the tape? It seems that it would be tough on the lace to peel it off...
01-09-2009, 04:51 PM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
GQPilot 737 Wrote:What about removing the tape? It seems that it would be tough on the lace to peel it off...

Ahhh come on.
You remove the unit the same way that you would if you used glue, that is you use lace release or alcohol first to "release" the lace from the tape/glue and then simply lift the unit off leaving the tape and/or glue attached to your forehead.
Done correctly, that is released correctly, you should end up with no, or very, very little glue remaining on the lace and, if using tape, you'll end up with the tape attached to your forehead and nothing on the lace.

I use a combo of tape on the back and sides and glue on the front and when I remove the unit, there is usually absolutely nothing to clean off the lace, or maybe just an itty tiny bit of glue on the front lace if I'm in a bit of a rush and don't give the alcohol quite enough time to release the lace from the glue.

As BA would say, "simple as".... Smile

01-10-2009, 01:13 AM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
01-10-2009, 01:16 AM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
...with full hairline exposed.
01-10-2009, 06:54 AM,
Re: Tape on lace front?
Snipe I am using super tape too. But Im not sure if you saw my thread. I get a small rash using super tape sometimes. Like little pimples or reddish bumps that happen at the very front edge line of the tape. Other then that I like super tape. I am going to try to use this liquid bandage i bought to see if that helps. The clean up on that tape so far is really good. and the hold is also good. Its not too shiny either, and its thinnish the material.

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