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Check out my mohawk!
05-20-2011, 05:56 PM,
RE: Check out my mohawk!
That was a 22R that I had colored about 5 different colors. It was pretty wild!

I work in the hair biz and had a friend of mine who does hair too color it. It was quite a process. Basically we just foiled the whole thing with multiple colors and cut it into the fauxhawk style.

I think at the time I was using Bed Head Manipulator. Now I like Big Sexy Hair Hard Up. I switch it up quite often. Now I'm just going with an all black mohawk.
05-22-2011, 03:18 AM,
RE: Check out my mohawk!
would you say it would be easier to go for a faux hawk with some hairline exposed or go with the faux hawks with some small lengthed bangs like the pic you posted?

I'm looking to go for this look with my next cut in and was looking for a opinion to see if it was plausable. The only differnece in my style would be that it wouldn't be multicolored- just jet black. the unit I'm cutting in is all straight hair, comb forward with spiky front, french lace, and high density (like 75-80%).

[Image: Beckham-fauxhawk2.jpg]

also, good call on Hard up by big sexy- that stuff is great for spikey styles

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