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An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please! (pics)
10-20-2013, 07:38 AM,
An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please! (pics)
Hi All!

I am a skin wearer for an year and half.. overall 2 years wearing

started with swiss lace , then tried french lace one time before coming across skin and switching permanently.

I read on this forum quite often that lace is best for hair line / and natural look etc..
I have the following questions and I would really appreciate if I can get some replies/comments/ perspective?

I work in an office environment where there are bright lights everywhere. You talk to your colleagues/ co workers in meetings and otherwise at very close proximity.. and wearing lace means anyone at a distance of 5-10 inches from you can see the knots and that as we all know doesnt look real at all? Tongue
How do you guys wearing lace make it look undetectable?
and you can't help ppl come so close to you in real life,outdoors, in office or in a burger king queue or anywhere else.

with Skin , I only have to take care of hair line which I keep concealed with a forward hair style
But , I wondered with lace, you have to be worried about anyone coming close from behind , no?

Or am I missing something here about lace??

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An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please! (pics) - sidd - 10-20-2013, 07:38 AM

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