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Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
03-15-2012, 07:31 AM,
RE: Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
Hi journey... when doing your rebond, just sit it onto the head and position it ...just use an eyebrow pencil to mark the skin around the front , temple-to-temple, then you`ll avoid it coming too far forward when you have it taped up ready to apply it...if using glue at the front, you simply apply your layers on, immediately at/behind the line.....the line can be wiped off easily once your bond is completed.
You`ll find the Enhance really good... I don`t use it daily.. I apply a nice amount one day, and simply freshen the system up next day by spritizing with water...there`s no sticky/messy build-up with it. I always `back-brush`the hair so it`s not lying in it`s normal position...then spritz with water to ensure the hair is nice and damp right down to the knots....then 5 0r 6 good darts of Enhance...style it as required and allow to dry naturally...gives a nice finish and should pay you back by lengthening the serviceable life of the hair...cheers.

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