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I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
11-17-2011, 03:03 PM,
I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
I have recently posted this on another forum, didn't get any help... This is the only place that I believe can actually help me out. Please hear me out...

I am currently 25 years old.

Started losing hair when I was 18, so the doctor recommended me to start on Rogaine and Propecia right away.....and so I did.

My previous relationship ended with a heart break for me. Wanna guess why she didn't want to be with me anymore...? I'm sure you guys know.

And I know, everyone will say "she was not for you, it's better that she's not in your life anymore"...and I agree, but moving on...

I would go to work hating the way I looked. Always questioning why I was balding so fast and so young. It affected my social life, my work performance, my family... It definitely didn't make me a better person, not to mention the side effects from Propecia at such a young age.

I am 22 years old at this point. Been taking Propecia & applying Rogaine foam for 4 years now. So in desperation of no results, I ended up getting a transplant of 2000 grafts at the early age of 22. The surgeon told me to continue using Rogaine and keep taking Propecia...So I did.

About one year passes by (23 years old now), and I'm pretty happy. The results were decent, but at least I didn't look 40 years old anymore....but, the side effects of Propecia really started to hit me. So I stopped taking it for good.

Next year rolls around and my hair is at its worst. I have never been this depressed in my life. Having stopped Rogaine and Propecia, I looked like a freak....so I went the concealer route. For over a year now, I have been using concealer sprays and powders (all kinds) to cover my baldness. For 95% of my friends and family, they believe the surgery had worked, but some realized I was using some type of concealer. I wasn't pleased with how I looked. My hair kept balding and receding making the concealers almost not useful.

Here I am, now my entire front hairline is almost gone, I am on my last string! I have a huge scar on the back of my donor area due to surgery, and I look even worst completely shaved or with a hat... I am scared to death to get a hairpiece....and I don't even know why I didn't do this earlier.... I stopped going out, stopped caring for myself... It definitely hasn't made me a better person in life.

I work 6 days a week and every time I go to the nearest salon after work, they are closed. Buying and applying a hair piece on my own is not something I want to start out with. I want a professional to do this for me for the first couple times. Eventually when I understand how to do it, I'll do it myself. My fear in all of this is people finding out. The salon I am talking about is http://actualimagehairreplacement.com/

I live near Glendale/Burbank/Los Angeles... so if anyone knows a hair replacement center/salon that's reasonable in price and good undetectable quality, please help me out here...

Sorry for the very depressing topic here. I appreciate those who have read this and would also like some feedback on how to proceed. Also, please don't say "it's not that bad" or "move on with your life." I have been judged and turned down far too many times because of my situation. I am really missing the confidence and fire I used to have. I want to become a better person and not have to worry why people 10 or 20 years older than me look much younger than me. Please help me bring my youth back, we only live once.

Thanks in advance.

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