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Medium/light density?
12-31-2010, 11:04 PM,
Medium/light density?
Hi all,New here,although i have lurked around for a while, and fairly new to wearing also,14 months and counting!
All in all i am quite happy with what i have got, system wise, although i know it can be better,problem is that i am a bit reluctant to try a new supplier,especially as i have only ever got mine from the same place,the fear factor kicking in i suppose! lol.
My question is are there any photos of a medium/light density to have a look at?and what % would that be? 50%,55%,60%?
And also what do you guys think of the hairlines you are getting from TopLace and also the quality of hair?
Lastly,can i ask if the deal regarding the Korean systems are the real deal or is there a catch involved?

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