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Another hairstyle thread from a newbie
10-22-2010, 07:42 AM,
RE: Another hairstyle thread from a newbie
hey i doubt many folk would wear if wearing was such high maintainance, its not.
its helishly conveniant.
it lives up to my expectations,as long as you follow the golden rules of density colour ect,
i mean look around you, you see some wacky off the wall hairstles.
as for bonding to youre head, like rock, not a bitt worried about the wind, or rain.
the systems breathable so not worried bout excercise.i'm wearing at the best time realy the winter months.
but you shoudnt have a worryin the word m8,
as my hairdresser seiz to me, forget about it, it looks 100% better than what you had before, it looks great.
thease are modern hair systems, they rock!!!
if youve got to spend hours every day styling, yove got a bad or the wrong cut in, bad blending ect.
hardest part is i suppose to my mind, family once you get all them out the road,then no probs.
there the folk who see you pretty often.
you wear hair to make life better, easier,give you confidence , and hell it does,
youre not woried one tadd about it looking like a wigg they dont not one bitt, there modern hairsystems.
youre just kinda pre occupied with people commenting on the change.
just have youre answers ready for when they do, whether youre saying, ohh i'v been to a salon new style, i'v had me hair coloured.whatever is plausable.
it also depends on youre personel makeup, if youre a half glass full or empty person, a worrier, optimist,ect.
it gets easier the longer you do it, like most things in life.
you'll luck far far far better with a hair system than using concealers , especially if youre hairs becoming way to thinn to still continue using concealers,
if youre hair takes to long to do when using concealers you need to move on.....

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