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Full Lace and Gym ?
10-30-2008, 08:54 AM,
Full Lace and Gym ?
Hello all

I was reading some posts in the old forum, and i know that Full Lace is not the best option to sportsmen, and i'm also agree with BA when he say that the best option is to have 2 units (as i read from him).
But i'm still having a couple of doubts:

1) Are uncompatible sports and Full Lace?
If not, i'll be happy if someone here can tell me what kind of care must have a Full Lace wearer during sports activity.

2) How much detectability resign, a desing like the following?:
[Image: BondBaseA.JPG]
I mean how much in quantity, and quality.

I'll be happy if this thread start a discussion about naturality vs security wearing hair systems.

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