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Medium/light density?
12-31-2010, 11:04 PM,
Medium/light density?
Hi all,New here,although i have lurked around for a while, and fairly new to wearing also,14 months and counting!
All in all i am quite happy with what i have got, system wise, although i know it can be better,problem is that i am a bit reluctant to try a new supplier,especially as i have only ever got mine from the same place,the fear factor kicking in i suppose! lol.
My question is are there any photos of a medium/light density to have a look at?and what % would that be? 50%,55%,60%?
And also what do you guys think of the hairlines you are getting from TopLace and also the quality of hair?
Lastly,can i ask if the deal regarding the Korean systems are the real deal or is there a catch involved?
12-31-2010, 11:15 PM,
RE: Medium/light density?
Hi LTB..... I`m sure you`ll have seen plenty of my pics on here....my camera is not the best but my system is 55% though it looks a bit higher at times, then other times, looks lower--that`s that camera. Toplace densities are a bit different to other suppliers, but generally a Toplace [T.L. ] 50% is equal to 65% on `other` systems, T.L. 55% =70% on `other` & 60%=80% `other`so you should allow for that if /when ordering.
I am in NO way affiliated to/employed by Toplace... just a customer, but I can vouch for the integrity of John and the quality of the systems supplied. As for the replacement offer you refer -to in the last line there...there is no `catch` involved. John is honourable and knows his `stuff`...if he makes an offer.. it`s genuine. Paul.
01-01-2011, 01:33 AM,
RE: Medium/light density?
Thanks for the answer Paul,very helpful.
So what do you guys think of the hair quality from TopLace?
Does it fade quick or shed quick?How does the hair quality compare to other suppliers? Got to ask i suppose and again honest answers are most appreciated.
So i know that some of the answers i will recieve will defend TopLace,much the same as the comments over at BA s foum will defend him and to an extent i can understand that to a point but for someone ,who like me, is not interested in the politics involved just the bare facts and honesty.
I am still a bit suspect regarding the Korean offer,old school i suppose that you don't get nothing for nothing in life,LOL.
But if it is the real deal then i am certainly seriously considering it,as the Korean i got has a few issues and i didn't wear it long(3 weeks is all i could manage)before i had to replace it with a chinese stock piece.
Not ideal at the time but it got me by until i recieved another custom piece(Chinese).
I still have it here(the Korean system) but it really is a mess and i do tend to be very careful with my systems but for some reason this one just wanted to shed tons and it lost it's color quicker not to mention a lace that i just couldn't get to disappear at all!!
I honestly don't want to get into a war of words or take sides in what is obviously a fierce competition war between TopLace and BA *****,all i am interested in is the best that i can get for myself,selfish attitude maybe,but to myself that is all that matters really,to look the best i can.
It just seems that BA is concentrating his business solely on the Korean systems but i am very reluctant to try another one,even though some of the pictures on his forum look good they just don't compare with what i recieved and as i said i don't want to take that chance again.
So here i am looking round trying to find another supplier.
01-01-2011, 07:21 AM,
RE: Medium/light density?
Hi again LTB .. just a fast one.. hope a few others chip in here too .... I have no interest in personalities or `fighting` no more than you have...life`s too short. I, like most people in any area of life, would `vote with my feet` if not happy with a service or product..the fact that I am sticking with Toplace is testament to the service /quality etc that I get here.
I am very happy with the quality and `life`of the systems I have been supplied with from Toplace.... like you, I am easy on it and they last months ..present one is going into it`s 6th month. Have no shedding issues and minimal colour -fade,nothing out of the `ordinary`.
John has replaced quite a few of the `other`systems so I hope some who availed of the free offer will let you know their opinions/experience. What have you got to lose by sending in your old one ? Will only cost you the postage. It`s only fit for the bin in any case ! Cheers for now, Paul.
01-03-2011, 02:55 AM,
RE: Medium/light density?
Agian thanks for the reply Paul and yes i would be interested to know what others who have traded in their old Korean systems think,especially the comparrison between them.
I will get my template done and sent off this week to TopLace along with the Korean system that i have.

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