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Help making template
01-02-2011, 07:21 AM,
RE: Help making template
Is usually best to re-create your original hair-style [to imitate when you had all your own hair] rather than to go for a totally `new` you, so, I`d recommend you order centre-part, and definitely Swiss lace for the front because your hairline will be exposed.. you could order French lace for the rest of it or just totally Swiss..but definitely Swiss where it will be seen. I don`t know the pricing on the longer-than-standard lengths.. John will tell you if you e-mail him. Be a good idea to pop in the pictures of your self with the order--the factory will know then exactly what you want. I have a poly strip on mine ...some wearers like it, others don`t ... the main `Plus` for me is I find it really easy to just pop some tape onto the poly, place it on my head and simply peel off the backing tape .. push against the skin and it`s on.. I can then fold the front back to the temples and apply glue to the skin, allow to go clear, then press the lace front down onto the glue --job done ! Is really easy to peel the tape off the poly without having to use liquid de-bonders..the poly is really sturdy and can withstand stretching and tape being pulled off it...you have to be careful with lace as it`s more delicate...again it`s purely a matter of your own choice... I guess poly is a bit more detectable to the touch, so if that `s an issue for you, well then, stay with all-lace. Best wishes.. Paul.
01-04-2011, 03:21 PM,
RE: Help making template
Thanks a lot ! I think everything is clear now. I cant wait till I get the money to order and buy all the stuff needed.

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