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Best knot sealer ever! - AmericanJambo - 09-14-2020

So I was looking around at water based acrylics and came across a product called Acrylic Finisher in matte by Angelus. It's a clear matte finishing coat that was designed for leather. It's water based and dries in seconds with a hair dryer. I've used other acrylic knot sealers before and this is better than any of them. I apply lightly with a fan brush in four sections and dryer each section with a hair dryer before I start on the next section. It goes on a very light purple but dries completely clear. It leaves far less "residue" than any other acrylic knot sealer I've ever used and the base is no where near as stiff as with other sealers. You can barely tell it's there but it works amazingly well. It extends the life of my pieces every bit as long as other acrylic sealers. I easily get double the life out of a piece. I reapply every couple of months and the hair itself "wears out" before it sheds too much to wear anymore. I highly suggest you try it. It's only like $8 for a bottle that will last you for years.