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New video coming soon from Reubin - ToplaceUSA - 04-24-2014

Hi All,
Readers of this board all know how talented Reubin is in wearing hair systems. He has posted many times (see his tread 'ILace Island pics').
He's a master at attaching and looking completely undetectable. Reubin will be sharing those skills with everyone. He is putting the finishing touches on an instructional video showing everyone his technique. We can hardly wait! I'll post on the forum as soon as it's ready. You won't want to miss this.

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - johnnycs1 - 04-24-2014

Must be close to 5 or 6 years ago . Met Reubin at a seminar hosted by Gary Cross in Las Vegas . It was amazing to watch him , cut , attach and style a new , out of the box unit !
Sitting in a chair and using a hand held mirror , clippers , scissors and comb . All provided by Debbie , who also was present,working her magic ! I watched Reubin perform his magic in like about 10 or 15 minutes ! No way detectable upon completion ! Best I have ever seen in my 50 years of wearing ! John was also present you recall Reubin performance John ?
Bobby from Philly was there , along with Dino also. And a few others from the ole forum .
Gary was the host. He even gave me a free unit.....but I gave him a Flowbee cutter , which I had used once and did not care for........or was it the other similiar type was one of the 2 ?
I am sure his video will be very helpful !


RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - ToplaceUSA - 04-24-2014

Hi Johnny,
I sure do remember Reubin's performance. He's a master at this. His video will be helpful to both newbies and experienced hair wearers alike.

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - dino-saur - 04-26-2014

I've seen Reubin in person a few times. He does a great job. He's also blessed with very thick sides and great temple points.

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - reubin - 04-28-2014

Thanks for the kind words everyone - you're all a great group nice meeting all of you.

I had to cut the time on the video and thus talk faster but figured it is better faster than all dragged out with BS. You can always pause and re play.

I masked my face and voice and sometimes the masking is obtrusive but not so much that one can figure out what I am doing.

PLEASE LOOK AT THESE SHARP FOTOS as a supplement to the video:

These two posts also show the tape attachment on the piece quite clearly, the second post giving more details about OPTIONAL darts.

Lastly I don't mean to bash glue in the video - I wore strictly glue my first 2-3 years. I know you can apply the glue "back" on your forehead, attach the piece and then glue down the front later adding the glue "underneath" with a toothpick or cocktail straw ala Gary Cross (who still owes me $).

But getting that front layer of glue nice and thin without error is not easy, IMHO, and usually ended up thicker causing the glue to seep through the lace and gum up those front hairs. Almost as bad as "Hairline jutting down and stuck to your forehead" attachment.

Tape Attachment video:

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - MattNH - 04-29-2014

wow. that's a very detailed and comprehensive fitting....makes me glad i wear a brush forward style and also sport a thin skin with got2b lol. very good instructions for the perfectionists though Smile

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - Jorn - 04-29-2014

Hi Reubin,

I am a fan. Is it possible, to get a video of how you color the front of your system. It looks like you do a perfect job in that regard. I would REALLY appriciate it if possible! MAybe a detailed description will do? Smile

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - rainman54 - 04-29-2014

Thanks Reubin! You make it seem so easy! Very helpful video.

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - ToplaceUSA - 04-29-2014

Great job Reubin! I've never re-attached the paper backing tape (shingles as you call them) so that alignment is easier--that's a wonderful idea! Very helpful video for both newbies and experienced hair wearers. I'm going to post that on a separate thread also so people doing searches will find it easily. Thank you Reubin!

RE: New video coming soon from Reubin - LTB - 04-30-2014

Excellent result Reubin!
And a great looking piece, especially that hairline!
What are the specs that you specify for the front?
Quick question for you Reubin, have you achieved good results with other tapes?
Thanks for sharing with everyone it is greatly appreciated!