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Fullcap pics. - Paul In Ireland - 10-21-2013

This system arrived a month ago..only managed to get to the stylist last week....she left it [deliberately] on the long-ish side, and I`ve been doing a bit of ` tweaking` at home since then..... needs a little more ` nipping and tucking` before I`m fully happy with it...... hair -texture is really nice, and I asked John to get a bit more gray than last time [10% this time] is the first day I`ve worn it ..hope the pics are clear enough ..had the camera on ` auto`.


RE: Fullcap pics. - AmericanJambo - 10-22-2013


RE: Fullcap pics. - ardmore - 10-22-2013

It looks very good from the pics.
Just wondering have u ever thought about trimming the back a lot shorter to like 1.5 to 2 inches or so?Have u tried this before?I believe it makes for the ultimate fullcap. Not that yours doesnt look good but I just like short styles similar to dinos pic here:

RE: Fullcap pics. - Paul In Ireland - 10-22-2013

Yup... I usually go a little shorter but as I said, I told her to leave it a little long all over so I can ` mess around` with it myself... it`s still very ` lively` and once it begins to settle a bit, I`ll go for the final look`s a classic error with any system [topper or Fullcap] to go for ` broke` at the initial cut-in..... the system can look a lot different after 2 or 3 weeks of washing/ sleeping on it and cutting it ` short` on day one, can lead to issues.

RE: Fullcap pics. - ardmore - 10-22-2013

Thanks for the reply.
May I ask what these "issues" are? Is it a case of shedding rapidly if its cut too short?

RE: Fullcap pics. - Paul In Ireland - 10-22-2013

No -- shedding is caused by a few things, including dryness, but the length of the cut will have no bearing...... no it`s mainly the overall ` look` can be different once the initial ` newness` or ` bounce` in the hair dies down..... the ` join` where the system hair meets the growing hair can become more obvious as the hair ` retracts` slightly ...the back of mine there looks quite thick [dense] --that`s because of the ` spring` in the hair now as it`s so new..... soon it will look less dense and ` full` as the hair looses that liveliness ..... if I cut the bottom of the hair now, and / or thin it with a thinning scissors, it could very well look too short and thin in 3 or 4 weeks` time.... you`re always better to do a cut-in in 2 stages...the initial trip to the stylist, and then a follow-up one in around a week or ten days to allow it to settle down.

RE: Fullcap pics. - lee99 - 10-22-2013

Actually I like it looking fuller like yours over dino's. Different opinions make the world go round....