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cleaning an older unit - Jorn - 08-20-2013

How do I clean my lace unit. I´ve been using walker ultra glue, and there is some glue leftovers in the lace that mirrorslide wont remove. What do I do? I don´t got a textil gun and don´t plan on buying one. NEed a clean system asap.

RE: cleaning an older unit - antywanty - 08-20-2013

just search , cleaning, de bonding, alcohol, release,
age of the system shouldn't make a huge difference,
use a lot of alcohol and spray leave a min, then scrape the glue of section by section with youre finger nail.

anty Smile

RE: cleaning an older unit - Jorn - 08-20-2013

Im talking about cleaning glue that has sunk into the lace. Not the surfaceglue. Thanks.

RE: cleaning an older unit - Hersute - 08-20-2013

For white glues, you soak the entire system in a shallow bowl of Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover for 20-30 minutes and the glue lifts out & turns to jelly and you then wash & rinse the system as per normal.

But Ultra Hold is a different type of glue and it breaks down with acetone, so you soak it in a nail varnish remover.
Surprisingly this won't harm the system.

RE: cleaning an older unit - Jorn - 08-21-2013

Damn.. Strong stuffSmile thanks mate!