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Swiss lace stock vs custom - runnerboy - 08-12-2013

Im curious if anyone sees differences in the quality of the knots and consistency in custom units vs stock?

I wear a stock unit 4ash color. Knots are amazing, density graduated, bleached, and every system comes just like the last one. But it is too dense for me. I need 10% less density.

If i order a custom from a template w identical specs the knots loom poorer. I have a local stylist bleach them but they are these huge black knots that appear larger than the size of the knots on the stock pieces.

I simply want to quality of the stocks w lower density and to the size of my template.

Is it possible there are differe t typed of knots? Single vs double knots? Single strand vs double?

Have any of you noticed any quality differences between stock lace units and custom?

I am tempted to just order customes from now on and manually pluck density out to get it where i need it.

Any advice?

RE: Swiss lace stock vs custom - ToplaceUSA - 08-12-2013

Hi Runnerboy,
Both stock and custom units are made in the same factory using the same materials. Your current custom order that is in process now is 60% which is just a tick less than the stock unit. You'll see a similar quality.