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problems in business? - andypokerface2010 - 12-12-2012

Hey guys,

I have ordered my full cap at john and I will start wearing when I get it. The most concern I have is, could you get dissed in business because of it? I nearly have my degree in business and will start working soon. And does anyone of you live in a hot city/country? Is it a problem, when it's 30° Celsius all the time?

And, I'm very unhappy about it, but my hands shake a little bit when I hold them. I know it's normal to a certain degree, but I am worrying if that will hold me from wearing. There are some things I can do against it, like drinking water (and alcohol...which helps quite much), eating and don't drink to much coffee.

Thx guys!


RE: problems in business? - JRob - 12-16-2012

Hey Andy,

If you are worried about being able to achieve realism with your first few units I would recommend going with a longer style, if that is possible. Many of the problems that are associated with full caps can be eliminated or at least sufficiently masked with a longer hair style. The shorter you go the more precise the ventilation, density, base size, etc have to be.

And I wouldn't worry too much about wearing in a hot climate. As long as you maintain your attchments and perform regular cleanups you should be fine once you figure out which adhesives and/or tapes work best for you.

RE: problems in business? - andypokerface2010 - 12-17-2012

Hi JRob,

I read your blog Smile! Yes, I want to go with a longer style! Thank you for your answer, it helps quiet much!

You are very open with your full cap, right? Did you get bad feedback from people also?

Well and about the last question: I think I can handle it, but I won't be a barber or surgeon in my life, which is not neccessary anyway. I got a few tricks which help to minimize the problem with my dexterity, and I think if I do it right, I can wear a full cap. To say it with president Obama's words: Yes, I can Big Grin! Well, I hope you don't have to have surgeon skills to manage a full cap. That's right, JRob, isn't it?

Greetings, Andy

RE: problems in business? - rscout - 12-17-2012

Hi Andy, I think as long as you go with a full lace unit (French lace or reinforced SFSwiss lace you shouldn't have any problems at all with wearing your full cap in a warm/hot environment. Lace is the most breathable of base materials, and so light you hardly can feel it at all once it's attached properly.

As far as wearing a full cap in business situations, lots of guys do it everyday without any problem. As long as the density of the piece is a good match with your own natural hair and the style and cut is appropriate and complementary to your facial shape, nobody should suspect a thing.

You might want to consider adding a little facial hair, adding some glasses or getting a tan when you start wearing to throw people off the change a little. Most will notice something's different but won't be able to put their finger on exactly what has changed.

Be sure to read all threads by Paul in Ireland for lots of good info on everything from how to properly design a full cap template, getting the unit, cutting it in, along with lots of attachment tips. He always posts amazing photos showing every step of working with a full cap from start to finish. (A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.)

Good luck with your new full cap!

RE: problems in business? - jmg5312 - 12-17-2012

One thing I've learned in my 25 years wearing, you only notice the bad systems. These forums have plenty of good advice, follow it and you'll have no problem.
My 2 cents

RE: problems in business? - drew100 - 12-17-2012

What would happen if you wear a fullcap part time and sport a shaved head some other times? can you come in to work with a shaved head one day and wearing a fullcap the next day or should you always wear the fullcap in front of co-workers?

RE: problems in business? - ardmore - 12-18-2012

Hey guys,
Just wondering why sometimes with full caps the crown area can look very dense?Is it just the way they are made?
Is it possible to order a specific crown point like people do with toppers?
This is the only thing imo that makes a full cap look less than realistic

RE: problems in business? - lovehair - 12-18-2012

what you would be doing is letting everybody know that you wear a system. if you're fine with that there is no problem.
you could one day wear the full cap with long hair, come in the next day completely shaved and then that afternoon have your hair back on, cut short, say after lunch.
i cant see how there would be a problem. it would be like a woman or man getting their hair done during lunch.
but as i said everybody who has seen you would know and most likely would end up "talking to your hair" during conversation because that is probably where their eyes would wander to

RE: problems in business? - drew100 - 12-18-2012

I agree with you, one would have to be very open to others about wearing. I have worn a hairpiece in the past and it seemed that it would be a great burden to try to keep hair wearing a secret and work tirelessly to prevent being "busted" as people say on this forum. I would imagine it would have made be pretty paranoid. A fullcap, although it had its issues seems like it allows for more freedom as long as the wearer is okay with going with a shaved head some days and wearing hair others

RE: problems in business? - andypokerface2010 - 12-31-2012

Thx guys!

Well, I won't wear it one day and then the other day not. If someone likes this, I'm fine with it, though!

@jmg: Thx, great info!