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RE: What tape to use?? - msebas - 09-04-2012

I used to swear by Supertape until the Supertape fiasco where it just suddenly gave up after a couple of days, I now swear by Air Flex extend a bond tabs. They are awesome. The just keep on holding and supereasy cleanup. i bought on e-bay. 108 mini extend a bond tabs for $18usd. The 1 inch mini curved tabs are perfect to follow the curve of the lace wig.
give it a try.

RE: What tape to use?? - Xeon005 - 09-06-2012

Do you use these air flex strips on the front too? Or are they too shiny. When you say super easy clean up, they come off without any residue? Or do you have to use the mirror slide?

RE: What tape to use?? - NYCguy2020 - 09-07-2012

I also use these Air Flex mini tabs.Strong hold and little to no residue after 7/10 days of wear.They have a bit of shine to them so I only use them around the sides and back.

I've recently started using the new Walker Ultra Hold tape in the front putting on just one thin layer of ORWG on the very front of the hairline....So far I'm loving this new combo and cleanup has been much easier then with glue.

RE: What tape to use?? - Xeon005 - 09-08-2012

i like the idea of the small tabs in a way cause u probably don't need to do the cutting and stuff.. can just line them up a little at a time.. I need to try it..