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What tape to use?? - Oldwearer - 08-28-2012

What would be the best tape to use on a very oily head that would last at least 7 days without going gooey and still gives a strong hold?

I am very sensitive to alcohol and my face turns blood red when I use it to clean my scalp. Can't use it.

I use red tape in the front that I replace every day and I shower with my units on.

RE: What tape to use?? - jmg5312 - 08-28-2012

I recently saw on one of the forums a mention of "stick it" tape. I've been using super tape which holds great. I de/re weekly and the tape holds without a problem. My skin is also a bit oily. The tape will break down a bit by the end of the week if it's been really hot and I've been sweating through many workouts. I find it easy to remove with only a slight bit of mirror slide needed. I recently ordered the "stick it" tape from HD and my first week using it was impressive. It held great and there was no breakdown or goo by the end of the week. I might be switching to this tape full time. No mirror slide needed with the stick it tape to clean my system.

RE: What tape to use?? - winstonage - 08-29-2012

I use stick it tape for the back and sides. I rebond every 6 or 7 days, with real easy cleanup. When I was in Europe last year, I didn't rebond for the 15 days that I was there, it was still holding strong, and cleanup was easy, no gooey mess. Can't recommend it enough.

RE: What tape to use?? - Oldwearer - 08-30-2012

Thanks guys!!

So the "stick it" tape is not available from TL but from HD?

Will give it a go.

RE: What tape to use?? - Hairenough - 08-31-2012

I can't recommend Extend-a-bond highly enough.

RE: What tape to use?? - s10jam - 08-31-2012

I agree with Hairenough, Extend-a-bond is pretty awesome.

RE: What tape to use?? - Oldwearer - 08-31-2012

Who supplies "extend-a-bond"?

RE: What tape to use?? - s10jam - 08-31-2012

I've bought mine off ebay so far.

RE: What tape to use?? - LP Dude - 09-01-2012

I'd suggest stick it tape and get a roll. I use it on my poly sides and back and I get 7 days out of it..

RE: What tape to use?? - Xeon005 - 09-04-2012

I p ut some stickit tape on my hand. it doesn't seem all that strong to me. Not as strong as the blue tape maybe im wrong.. Is this tape good to use at the front hairline? doesn't look like it would work that well for the hairline. In fact no tapes really look good to me at the hairline except for blue lace tape (when its smeared or stretched) and the 3mil lace tape