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2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - justin sane - 08-21-2012

Looks promising, but doubt itll be 2 years and work 100% for everyone.

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - Xeon005 - 08-21-2012

even if this came out and i grew all my hair back, I would probably still need a small frontal partial cause i always had a damned big forehead. lol

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - Black_nail - 08-21-2012

There's already a million lotions and potions and pills out there.
Not going to hold my breath for this one.

... and Xeon.. Me too! my natural hairline was always really high, even when i was a kid.
i'm going to stick with wearing a system so i can have the hair i want

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - andrei_eremenko - 08-21-2012

yeah...yeah...yeah same old story!

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - younggun - 08-21-2012

Havent even opened the link and ik guessing... cotsarellis?? yeah whatever

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - kevinme - 08-21-2012


How long have we been hearing 'Not long until hair loss has receded forever'. Or something similar. I'd guess every year at least every major newspaper or news agency has ran an article on this cure that is coming.
Hope I'm proved wrong and there is something out there and it actually is cheap, but if there is such a cure, can you imagine it being cheap and available to masses?

Also, like a few have said - I'd end up with a partial too to lower the hairline Wink

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - Jstar - 08-21-2012

Sounds promising. From what I have read it seems that it will be in a similar vein to Propecia (bar the nasty side effects). Confused whether it will be a pill or a topical product (I think it will be the latter, from my reading). Anything that can maintain the back and sides for longer will be great- this is what this science is aimed at doing. Until then I will continue with Nizoral and Alpecin (I know, it's probably crap, but I actually like the shampoo). Even if this 'breakthrough' does work, I will still wear a partial- I just want to maintain the back/sides. This is good information for us all.

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - antywanty - 08-22-2012

i remember my hairdresser saying, and this is about two years ago,
they can do that now, just you.d be taking other anti rejection medications to counteract, blahh blahh

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - Xeon005 - 08-22-2012

One thing we should take into consideration. A lot of the old promises, going back to the whole hair multiplication scam were falsified news reports usually promoted by simply just to advertise and market hair transplant surgeons. They never were really doing any research, the whole thing was a farce. I feel its a little different now. There are breakthroughs that are being explored. That one company who grew back hair on mice might be on the verge of solving hairloss so the other companies out there now might be in a race to do it. I honestly think something major for hairloss will be out in the next five years.

RE: 2 YEARS?! WHAT?! - younggun - 08-22-2012

The thing is that those stupid mices seem to grow back their hair even with an orange juice abased lotion Smile