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New products - Xeon005 - 08-19-2012

Hey guys, I haven't been in this game for awhile. I just had a lot of other things to deal with so I lost track of whats been going on in the community. Just curious if there has been anything I missed out on. Any major breakthroughs or revelations? U know like a unbelievable new glue, or something. Just curious. I tried looking through the threads, but I haven't read the forum in so long, I rather just ask you guys direct. :-)


RE: New products - Hairenough - 08-20-2012

I just discovered a glue combo that works wonders for my hairline in this hot weather. The thread is titled Davlyn and ORWG combo Update. I don't think there have been any new miracle glues invented lately. Have you tried Ghost Bond XL the new improved formula? I won't be trying it as the old version was rubbish for me.

RE: New products - Xeon005 - 08-20-2012

Nah I haven't tried it. The only glues and adhesives I really use is the blue liner tape stretched out, ORWG and got2b 98 percent of the times I use got2b and ORWG. I was reading your thread. I have a davyln but I have the black bottle.. I think its for poly.. its clear.

RE: New products - Hairenough - 08-22-2012

Yea Davlyn Black is what my review was about. It's fantastic stuff.

RE: New products - Xeon005 - 08-22-2012

Yeah, Im not really that active so the ORWG seems to be good enough for me. adding the davlyn will just make the clean up a little more difficult. However on skin. I think i might try this method. For some reason the hairline breaks up faster on skin systems for me

RE: New products - Hersute - 08-22-2012

I've just tried this combo for the first time today, so I'll be reporting on its success next week.
I have to say it feels VERY secure.
We'll just have to see how the sweating effects it.
I've also only done a perimeter bond this time (1st time ever) to allow the rest of my head to breathe instead of sealing it with glue all over.

RE: New products - winstonage - 08-23-2012

I tried this combo for the first time yesterday. I have used both glues, but never together. Have been using ORWG on the front and have been getting a 4-5 day hold. I am hoping that I can get 7 days which is my attachment schedule.