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Unbelievable price - macmike - 08-05-2012

I went to to see what if anything was happening at that site. The Domain name has been purchased by another company. Anyway in looking at the site. I saw the following:
Try out a custom-made hair system, and get all of the additional services/benefits listed above, for only a few dollars more than you might be paying now. How much? Only $225 for a top-of-head system or $325 for full cap (Up to 6" hair length.)

No strings attached. No small print or hidden fees (well, shipping might be a little extra.) Just get started right now by sending us a unit to duplicate, or order our custom fitting kit. Then when you’re ready to order, tell us about this page (or use the secret phrase “I want better service”) and we’ll immediately apply the discount so you’ll only pay $225.
I thought the price sounds good for a full-cap especially if it comes cut in. So I wrote about it. I get an answer back that says you have to agree to buy 12 of the full-caps over a years time to get that price. The ad doesn't say that. I would be interested in how others read this ad. I think if this is just a come on that is no better than what they are "supposedly" fighting against.

RE: Unbelievable price - sagem - 08-05-2012

Don't touch BA , rip off merchant owes a lot of people money .

RE: Unbelievable price - macmike - 08-05-2012

That is not BA. That is another company that bought the Domain. I took the company reference out of the post. Go look at

RE: Unbelievable price - jmg5312 - 08-06-2012

Let me add, don't touch any company that advertises like this. They're nothing more than a bunch of liars. People in these forums have pointed out more than one company that does good work including Toplace. I have no experience with BA and I feel lucky that I didn't find out about these online communities until after that BA dirtball took eveyone's money.
My 2 cents

RE: Unbelievable price - Hersute - 08-06-2012

After the BA scandal and rumours etc. a well known hair company bought his old domain name (& other permeations of it) as an advertising promotion to attract BA's old customers by offering them a discount. This company is known for its high prices, so it was/is an attempt to hook you in.
This was several months ago and I have no idea how long they intend to honour the offer.

RE: Unbelievable price - Hairenough - 08-06-2012

Avoid anything associated with BA like the plague.

RE: Unbelievable price - macmike - 08-07-2012

I understand that for sure about BA. This site was purchased by another Hair group.

RE: Unbelievable price - needmorehair - 08-07-2012

Let's quit dancing around who we're talking about, guys. That's Hair Direct. After BA absconded to parts unknown and the Fortooh folks (whoever they may be) showed up as the "new owners" of HairApparrent, the HD folks bought several domains that they figured would match up with terms commonly searched by BA's former customers. The OP hit on one of them.

So they're now telling you that the open ended offer that is apparent on the face of the linked website has expired even though there is no limitation stated on the site itself? Hmmmmph. Classic bait and switch, and yet another reason I'll not do business with HD again. They offer an above average product, but they charge too danged much. Better off staying with TL and/or a couple of the other more reasonably priced vendors.

RE: Unbelievable price - macmike - 08-07-2012

I agree stay with a company like Toplace and or a couple of other more reasonably priced vendors. I thought it was too good to be true for that company so I wrote them. I thought I could get one done with their "custom fitting kit" and not have to tweak all the time to get the template right. Then take that one and use for cloning with another company like TL. I was told I had to agree to buy 12 in a year to get that price. I only use 2 a year now! I was just wanting to know if I was missing something in the fine print?

RE: Unbelievable price - needmorehair - 08-07-2012

No, you're not missing anything: they reneged on a standing offer per the linked website. Bait and switch. It's incumbent upon the party making the offer to withdraw it. They didn't -- not on the linked website, anyway -- so they should have honored it. As they wrote, "we will seize an opportunity when it presents itself." Well, that's what you tried to do, but apparently they don't think it works both ways. F 'em.