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tapes - andrei_eremenko - 07-02-2012

Hi guys! I am currently using a partial system but I want to switch to a full topper soon...anyway I find the blue tape being so bad for only last 3-4 days untill i notice the lifting and after that when I am trying to deatach and clean I am facing with such a bad gooey is so bad to clean this tape...what tape are you using that doens't break down so easilly, because i find that working with blue tape is a nightmare. thanks!

RE: tapes - Hairenough - 07-03-2012

Extendabond (also known as Proflex) tape is the best I've ever tried and I've used it for ages now. It doesn't break down at all for me and holds tight to the bitter end. It's a life saver. I use the mini tabs because they are really quick and easy to apply. I stick them to my scalp and then attach the piece. I love them! You can get it in long strips too. It's a little more expensive than some tapes but when you try it you will see why.

RE: tapes - NYCguy2020 - 07-03-2012

Super tape also gives a very strong hold and cleanup is relatively easy as it doesn't turn gooey like other tapes.

RE: tapes - kevinme - 07-04-2012

Interesting thread. I am in a similar situation to the original poster. I'm wearing two partial 3 inch pieces on the temples and delighted with the result but find the same problem after 2-3 days I can peel it off if I wanted and even the glue melting. I must have the mother of all greased up heads.

I've only tried walker non-shine but there's certainly no way that I would get 3-4 weeks use out of it. My cleanup has been pretty much nothing too. Although in the space of 2 weeks, I've near enough gone through my tapes so I need to buy more.

RE: tapes - NYCguy2020 - 07-04-2012

A scalp protector is recommended especially for those with oily scalp.I use Walker scalp protector and it seems to help extend my bond time.
I sweat a lot and have an extremely oily skin and I can get 7-10 of solid hold using super tape around the sides and back and ORWG and davlyn black in the front.

RE: tapes - Hairenough - 07-05-2012

Scalp protector does nothing for me at all and I wrote it off as a marketing gimmick.

NYC- What order do you layer your ORWG and Davlyn? Which goes on first?

RE: tapes - MattNH - 07-05-2012

I use sunshine tape or stick it tape, they are the same thing as far as I can tell & it's made by the same company. I get 5-7 days hold, but am mostly de/re bonding in 5 days because it's become damn hot here. The tape is dull enough & I use it all round the perimeter, including the hairline of my french lace piece.
The clean up is the easiest I've ever had. Alcohol in a dropper round the edge = the piece lifting straight off & the tape is left on my bald pate. When I peel the tape from me bonce there isn't even any residue left.
Cons are it can make a crinkly noise when you run your finger on the bond on some spots, but this isn't often. Also the backing tape doesn't always tear properly in the middle. It regularly seems to split in two leaving a layer of paper still on the tape - I've found this with both stick it & sunshine! I'm thinking it may be a bad batch Sad
I wrote to the company I purchased these tapes from and they just apologized for the inconvenience & said they hadn't heard of the problem before. I wasn't satisfied with their answer & will be pursuing a refund or store credit.
*edit* I don't use a scalp protector, have above average oily skin & don't swim or shampoo with my piece on, but I do sleep wearing. Regards

RE: tapes - NYCguy2020 - 07-05-2012

I put the ORWG first then wait 5-7 minutes before I apply my Davlyn.This seems to work well for me.

RE: tapes - dmx0 - 07-05-2012

I've recently started experimenting with tape after getting fed up with the clean up of Ghost Bond. I've only tried extendabond tape so far and it seems to give me a good bond for 7-10 days.

Hairenough, you stick the tape to your scalp instead of the lace? I'll have to try that out.

RE: tapes - Hairenough - 07-06-2012

Matt - Thanks for the info on Stick-it. I ordered some this week because a lot of people are saying the same thing as you regarding the clean up. And it's supposed to hold for as long as you want. I do love Extendabond mini tabs for the same reason. They never let go in the span of 7 days, the clean up is excellent and they have a nice matte finish. I hear stick it is one step better than them. I wish they came in mini tabs as mini tabs are a game changer.

DMX - Yes I stick the Extendabond mini tabs directly to my head. I put 3 in the back around the perimeter with about 2cm gap between each. Then one on each side. They are such a breeze to peel and stick. Also you can keep a couple in your wallet if you're on vaccation for emergencies. They are tiny but pack a serious hold and can be applied in 30 seconds. Then I coat my whole scalp with glue, including over the tape. This gives me a super strong hold for a week through heat and sweating and humidity and showering. The only problem I'm having now is the hairline not holding for more than a couple of days in this heat. I'm going to try Davlyn Black instead of my usual ORWG for a while. I hope it isn't as stringy as Vapon No Tape.

NYC - Thanks for the info