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glue - D B COOPER - 12-01-2011

can you use the same glue for a skin piece that is used for a lace piece also how would you detach< i know of lace release, is there a skin release

RE: glue - 24hours - 12-01-2011

I would also like to know as well since I have a skin piece.

But as far as removing, you'll have to spray on the solvent I believe. I am getting ready for my first detach and re-tach...I'm very nervous and want to make sure it looks just as good as day 1 and that I put it in place correctly.

RE: glue - D B COOPER - 12-01-2011

i been wearing lace and was thinking nabout crossing over to a skin piece, more or less because i read they last longer with the shedding, how is your hairline, do you have any pics