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RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out) - furball - 11-19-2011

(11-18-2011, 06:11 PM)24hours Wrote: [...] Also, any advice on "thin skin" pieces? That's what the salon is offering me and they recommend it more than least that's what they say. [...]

Hey 24,

I've worn both lace and skin. Let me qualify upfront again here: I have not purchased from TL or other online vendor as yet, as I'm still in a contract/salon/"club" situation ... all have advised against this situation and I fully agree. But the pieces I get are of similar materials and made in Chinese factories, just like from most (all?) sources. I do question how "custom" my pieces really are, and still believe better quality is available elsewhere, and for less cost. Keep that in mind, if you do business w/ that salon, though I agree it's the safest start (as long as there's no maintenance contract).

That said, skin vs. lace is a trade-off IMO, strengths and weaknesses to both. I can give you my impressions of the differences FROM MY SOURCE, which may not reflect what's available from John.

Generally, I would say that the finest lace, properly attached w/ a good glue at the front, is still the most undetectable hairline. But lace is also delicate, and can be difficult to clean up. My salon is also pushing skin as the "recommendation" ... I think it is because they have gotten access to the newest "ultra thin skin" bases ... the previous skins were more detectable for an exposed hairline than lace. This new skin is better, but still detectable in certain lights at the hairline (many will say this is true for them w/ lace too ... it takes time to get it right, and individual factors come into play w/ how invisible materials are on your scalp)



easier cleanup, easier attachment than lace (skin adheres like a contact lens), v-looped or injected ventilation means NO VISIBLE KNOTS-no knot bleaching worries-for a more natural look at parts and breaks, glue only attachment is easier and virtually undetectable to sight and touch around the sides and back. Overall illusion of hair growing from scalp is better than knotted lace.


hotter and less breathable than the light/porous lace, tapes are difficult to manage w/ the thinnest skin (can destroy the skin when removing), a line of contrast at the skin's edge can still be seen in certain lights w/ an exposed hairline, less flexible styling than with a freestyle knotted lace piece (the hair direction is more fixed).

As you can see, the trade-offs mean it's not always and easy choice. Some of the above features are more important than others to each individual wearer. You absolutely MUST TRY both to know which is better for you.

Lastly, in reference to the spiky front pic you posted ... you may want to make sure you have a piece that will allow you to wear the front down sometimes, disguising the hairline a bit, for days when the frontal attachment isn't perfect.

I fear that all this complexity (and the ridiculous length of this post!) may be overwhelming. Don't let it scare you. You will: get a good result w/ the latest skin OR lace bases, find more than one style that works for you, and manage days when attachment is less than perfect.

Do It ! Smile


addendum - furball - 11-19-2011

(11-19-2011, 08:35 AM)furball Wrote: ... a line of contrast at the skin's edge can still be seen in certain lights w/ an exposed hairline ...

I should clarify ... don't let this put you off ultra thin skin. I mean detectable TO ME w/ a fully exposed hairline, in very specific conditions ... maybe to another wearer or someone scrutinizing your hairline up close (who is looking for it).

What the other posters have said is true ... if you get to a certain threshold of getting your specs close and a decent attachment, any worries about detectability are in our own heads. People just don't pay attention to these details like we do. You'll just look better, but people won't really know what it is. Attitude is a big part of wearing ... if you're comfortable, others will be. You'll get comfortable with a little effort.